age of empires 3Microsoft has several games under their belt which are pretty iconic and popular, like their Halo franchise as well as real-time strategy titles like Age of Empires, Rise of Nations, Halo Wars, and so on. Well it looks like Microsoft could be looking to revive one of these titles, thanks to a recent job listing spotted by the forum goers at NeoGAF.

According to the job listing by Microsoft, it calls for a software engineer and based on the job description, it revealed the company’s plans to create a new AAA title based on one of Microsoft’s franchises. “Microsoft Studios is looking for a highly experienced senior games developer to help build and lead the team for a new AAA title within an established and well-loved strategy game franchise.”

Unfortunately the job description does not mention which franchise Microsoft could be talking about, but then again this hardly comes as a surprise since Microsoft probably does not want to give the game away so early. Like we mentioned earlier, there are several strategy games that Microsoft has under their belt.

Some are speculating it could be a new Age of Empires game, especially since the Age of Empires Online title is expected to close its doors in July 2014. Halo Wars is also a possibility, although we’re not sure the game deserves to be called “established”, unless they’re referring to the Halo franchise in general.

In any case we’re not sure if this new title from Microsoft will be shared by the Redmond company at their E3 presentation on the 9th of June, but we’ll be keeping our eyes peeled anyway. In the meantime what do you guys think? Which game is Microsoft planning on reviving?

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