sea-green-2dsWhen it comes to rolling out a particular product in many different colors as well as livery, you can more or less say that Nintendo is an old hand at such a particular strategy. The even stranger thing is, many people tend to fall for it over and over again. Those of you who happen to own a Nintendo DS Lite – surely you have been tempted at one point or another to actually purchase another DS Lite simply because it comes in a different color, or in a special Pokemon design? Well, the Nintendo 2DS model too, is touted to be on the receiving end of a Sea Green shade this coming June 6th, 2014.

The asking price for the Sea Green Nintendo 2DS when June 6th rolls around would stand at $129.99 a pop, where this handheld console will feature a white front as well as back with sea green accents splashed all over the directional pad, face buttons and stylus. It would mean that the red and blue Nintendo 2DS handheld consoles would now have a third color to join their ranks.

Nothing groundbreaking here, and I do not think that a new color (or even 5 more new colors) will be able to save the Nintendo 2DS from its mediocre existence. [Press Release]

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