No, the title is not a typo, but rather, here we are with the freshly announced Nintendo 2DS. Yes, you can more or less guess from the name of the device alone that this will be the latest member of the Nintendo 3DS range, although it was specially developed to make portable gaming more accessible to the masses – letting you play Nintendo 3DS games minus the 3D effects, hence the name of the gaming console and a more pocket friendly price point of $129.99 a pop. Available in red or blue from October 12th onwards, it remains to be seen whether the Nintendo 2DS is going to be a hit or not.


You will also be able to enjoy the entire back catalogue of Nintendo DS games as well, which would mean you have at least a few thousand titles to get you started right out of the box. The Nintendo 2DS will arrive in a distinctive fixed, slate-type form factor that looks more bulky than sleek in my opinion, and there is also the option to pick up carrying cases at $12.99 a pop. Not only that, the Nintendo 2DS will boast of wireless connectivity features including multiplayer online game play, fun Nintendo Video content and great digitally delivered games in the Nintendo eShop. Since there is no 3D graphics supported with the Nintendo 2DS, here’s to a far longer lasting battery life!

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