One of the advantages to drawing on paper is that there are subtle nuances that might not be so easily captured digitally. This is because with tools like pencil, pen, brushes, and etc., we can vary the degree of pressure we apply when we draw, which will result in different strokes. The digital world is starting to catch up in terms of such features, and NVIDIA’s DirectStylus is one of them.

The DirectStylus was launched in 2013 and NVIDIA recently took to their blog to show off the stylus, along with some of the artwork that has been the result of said device. Like we mentioned earlier, the advantages to drawing on paper are the subtle nuances that comes when people put pen/pencil to paper, and that is one of the features of the DirectStylus.

The stylus will allow users to capture small details, thanks to its fine tip. There is also built-in pressure sensitivity so it knows just how thick or thin an artist wants their lines to be. Combined with the rubber tip of the stylus’ nib, it makes for a pretty smooth experience when using with a tablet, or in some cases a smartphone as well.

While styluses are great for emulating pencils and pens, when it comes to brushes the feel is a little different. However NVIDIA has stated on their blog that companies such as Sensu Brush and Nomad Brush have been looking for ways to work with their technology, so it should be interesting to see what comes from this. In the meantime you can check out some of the artwork on NVIDIA’s blog or check out the video above for the details.

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