cancer appWhile getting tanned in the sun sounds like a fun and relaxing prospect, it can also leave you open to the possibility of melanoma, a deadly form of skin cancer. Now it seems that there is an app that will be able to detect if you might be afflicted and has a reported 85% rate of accuracy, at least based on early tests.

The app was developed by George Zouridakis, a professor at the University of Houston, and according to the numbers, an 85% accuracy is pretty standard even when it comes to specialists such as dermatologists, and even higher than primary doctors, or so they say. Unfortunately if you were hoping to download the app and start checking for yourself, that won’t be happening anytime soon.

This is because the app is still currently undergoing testing, and also because it will require a $500 dermascope, a magnifying glass, and a light source for it to work properly. Assuming you have that all in place, you would just attach the accessory onto your iPhone, fire up the app and you’d be good to go!

The idea behind this app is to increase accessibility by doctors and those living in more rural parts of the country, where access to dermatologists might not be as easy compared to living in the city. Treatment for melanoma is said to have a high rate of success if caught at an early stage, so by making it more accessible and affordable for doctors, hopefully this will reduce the amount of death related to melanoma.

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