Sony SRS-X3 and SRS-X2 Wireless Speakers Introduced

sony_SRS-X3_redSony has a couple of new portable Bluetooth wireless speakers up their sleeves, where they will come in the form of the SRS-X3 (photo above) as well as the SRS-X2. These portable Bluetooth wireless speakers will be able to offer music lovers with a whole lot more options to listen to the tunes of their choice, regardless of the time as well as the place, and will feature powerful sound and easy connectivity, all packed in a single, sleek design.

The compact Sony SRS-X3 will be able to deliver rich bass as well as an output power of 20 watts, arriving in a sleek “Definitive Outline” design. This geometric “Definitive Outline” design is specially characterized by sleek lines and smooth surfaces, hence enabling the wireless speakers to beautifully blend into just about any indoor or outdoor space without sacrificing on sound quality.

Apart from that, a couple of full range speakers and an equal number of passive radiators would pave the way for rich bass. Users too, are able to wirelessly stream audio with Bluetooth, while hooking up to mobile devices without missing a beat using One-Touch listening via Near Field Communications (NFC).

With an integrated rechargeable battery that delivers up to 7 hours of playback, you can be sure that the party won’t have to wind up so early. Expect the $149.99 SRS-X3 to arrive in black, white and red shades.


As for the Sony SRS-X2, this $99.99 bad boy comes with an output power of 20 watts, albeit in a smaller form factor that is complete with rounded edges. There will be easy One-touch listening capability, not to mention NFC support and Bluetooth connectivity. Boasting up to 5 hours of playback, the SRS-X2 portable wireless speaker will arrive in black, white and red colors as well.

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