boogioSo, we have come across the likes of smart shoes in the past, but is there any other way to turn our walking companions, so to speak, into something else? Perhaps, as REFLX Labs’ Boogio has demonstrated how inserting your shoes with a pair of wearable sensors would help take into account one’s user’s balance and 3D acceleration, using such results to determine its place in video games. In other words, your shoes could be future game controllers. I know that this might be a literally stinking idea since some of us sweat more than the rest, but why not give it a go if it works right?


Reflex Labs co-founder and CEO Jose Torres said, “Right now we are focusing on indie developers because I think it is important for us to cater towards those guys while the big three figure out what they want to do. But you got really cool highly innovative small teams, from casual games to gamification of activities, and that is what we are really excited about. Because those guys are the innovators and they are going to push the technology in wearables.”

Basically. the Boogio will merge a pair of insole pressure sensors with 60,000 layers of pressure sensitivity and a 3D accelerometer clip which will be paired using Bluetooth to a smartphone or PC. The sensors and clip have the ability to monitor gravitational force, pressure, inner balance and 3D acceleration of each individual foot, letting the user check out such data in real-time.

If one were to focus on the entertainment segment where mobile games, virtual reality and PC gaming are concerned, the Boogio would do its bit to help align you to the 3D space, making it easier to be involved in immersive gaming than ever before.

It is hoped that pre-orders for the beta product will be on time to ship to developers in summer next year, while a consumer package is said to be made available “sometime at the end of next year or 2016.”

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