coinpocketApple recently made some changes to its policy in order to provide developers with additional leeway, so that Bitcoin wallets as well as in-app Bitcoin payments are allowed. Having said that, the first apps under this new policy change are starting to rear their heads, and Coin Pocket happens to be one of them. In fact, Coin Pocket can lay claim to being the very first Bitcoin wallet for iOS which has made a re-entry into the world of the App Store. Coindesk claims that Coin Pocket is the first standalone Bitcoin wallet app that is now on the iOS platform, where this rather basic app enables users to send as well as receive Bitcoin, check out the current price, pick up private keys into a single spot and encrypt them.

CoinPocket did manage to find a way around Apple’s crackdown before as it was made available in the form of an HTML5 app within mobile web browsers. I guess with the change in policy, there is no need to hide behind such a “skirt”, but rather, being fully approved, it now boasts of access to a device’s camera that allows it to enjoy QR code scanning.

In fact, in February this year, Apple removed the Bitcoin wallet app known as Blockchain from the App Store, so this about turn in policy might see the return of this app down the road. [Press Release]

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