samsung-850-pro-ssdThe world of SSDs is not a static one, which is a good thing, since this means that consumers like you and I will be able to have a wider array of choices and options to pick from in the event that we would like to upgrade our computers to a higher level of performance. Having said that, Samsung has just announced their latest Samsung 850 PRO SSD that will be powered by 3D V-NAND (Vertical NAND) flash memory technology.

This will be an entirely new breed of performance for solid state drives, and those who are interested in getting an upgrade will be able to pick one up since it will be made available globally across 53 markets from July onward. Using Samsung’s proprietary V-NAND technology, the new 850 PRO comes in handy as the ideal partner in high-end PCs and workstations, boasting of a proprietary vertical cell structure which represents a breakthrough in overcoming the density limit that plagues existing planar NAND architecture that is used in conventional flash memory, with the end result being significant speed, endurance and energy efficiency improvements.

There will also be a Dynamic Thermal Guard feature that does its bit in maintaining ambient temperature as it operates to make sure that your data remains intact without having the SSD overheat. Expect the Samsung 850 PRO to arrive in 128GB, 512GB and 1TB capacities. [Press Release]

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