sony-freflow-fccFor those of you out there who do not remember the FreFlow from Sony, here is a little bit of a history lesson. The Sony FreFlow happens to be synchronized glow pens that will most probably find its place in a concert, especially when it is dark all around, where the audience would end up being the main attraction – at least for a while. Whenever the performers on stage would wave what they call the “master pen” (although I would have preferred it to be known as the One Pen with homage to Lord of the Rings), then the “pens” carried by the concert attendees would also light up, changing color accordingly in unison.

None of the above happened by the sheer power of magic alone, but rather, it is because there is a master transmitter/controller around that will help keep things running efficiently and without a hitch. In fact, this concept might end up as reality in our physical world, considering how it has already paid a visit to the FCC recently, which ought to help the Sony FreFlow score some points in its quest to move on from being a prototype to that of an actual, marketable product.

With this, concerts will never be the same again, although they do lack the warmth of a Zippo lighter, but at least there is far less risk of a fire breaking out, aye?

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