Over the past few months it has consistently been rumored that Amazon is working on a smartphone, its first ever. The company hasn’t confirmed anything as yet but its conducting an event tomorrow where it’s expected to finally lift the wraps. A report published earlier today claimed that Amazon’s smartphone is going to be an AT&T exclusive. T-Mobile CEO John Legere finds fault with this decision and gives Amazon a piece of his mind on Twitter.

Legere is known for having a very outspoken personality, particularly when it comes to criticising his biggest competitors, which AT&T sits right on top of. Under his leadership T-Mobile has tried taking on the biggest U.S. carriers with innovative new offerings and he is expected to lead the joint entity if Sprint and T-Mobile ultimately merge.

Legere ripped Amazon on Twitter, writing that the online retail giant doesn’t know what it signed up for, pointing towards the ill-fated Facebook phone. For those who don’t remember, HTC First was dubbed the Facebook Phone. It was essentially a mid-range device that had a custom Android launcher developed by Facebook. The phone was an AT&T exclusive and a spectacular flop, AT&T stopped selling it after just one month.

“Exclusivity on AT&T sucks for the industry,” Legere wrote on Twitter, adding that it also “sucks for customers.” He signed off with the hope that Amazon’s new smartphone doesn’t fall victim to the “AT&T curse” that is the Facebook phone.

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