T-Mobile Will Cover The Cost Of Netflix’s Price Increase

Recently Netflix announced that the price of its subscription has increased, which means that customers will need to pay more money than before to keep using its services. However the good news is that if you’re part of T-Mobile’s “Netflix on Us” program, the carrier will be covering the costs on your behalf.

T-Mobile’s Caller Verification Will Help Fight Against Spam Calls

note 9There seems to be an increase in spam calls these days, where many people are reporting that they are seeing an increase in the number of calls that they are receiving from strange numbers from a variety of countries. Given that these numbers are constantly changing, it makes it rather difficult to block them.

T-Mobile And Sprint Merger Has Been Put On Hold

T-Mobile and Sprint are currently in the process of merging. This is a huge deal for the mobile industry given that in this is not the first time that such a merger has been proposed. It is also not the first time that T-Mobile’s attempts to merge with other carriers has failed, so naturally many are watching this deal very closely.

T-Mobile TV Service Launch Now Slated For 2019

T-Mobile CEO John Legere confirmed over a year ago that the carrier was developing its own standalone TV service. He also said that it would be “disruptive.” We haven’t heard much about it from T-Mobile ever since but the company has mentioned in passing today that the T-Mobile TV service launch will take place in 2019. It was actually reported earlier this year that T-Mobile has delayed the service’s launched […]


T-Mobile Is Working On A 5G Samsung Smartphone

It is safe to say that come 2019 we can expect to see 5G smartphones from Samsung. This is because Verizon, AT&T, and Sprint have all announced that they will be working with Samsung on developing a 5G smartphone, which essentially leaves T-Mobile as the only major carrier in the US that has yet to announce similar plans.

T-Mobile’s TV Streaming Service Reportedly Delayed To 2019

Word on the street has it that T-Mobile is interested in getting into TV streaming. However if you were hoping to see the service launch in the near future, you might not want to hold your breath because in a report from Bloomberg, it seems that T-Mobile’s streaming service has apparently been delayed to 2019.

T-Mobile Now Supports eSIM With Apple’s New iPhones

Smartphones with dual SIM support aren’t new, and neither are eSIMs, however with the iPhone XR, XS, and XS Max, Apple combined them together by finally introducing iPhones with support for dual SIM, but making one of the SIM card “slots” an eSIM. So far AT&T and Verizon have launched their support for it, and now it looks like T-Mobile has done the same as well.

T-Mobile/Sprint Deal Reportedly Cleared By US National Security Panel

The idea of two major carriers merging sounds like a pretty scary idea to regulators who might be worried about monopolistic behavior. However it seems that in the T-Mobile and Sprint deal, it looks like that deal could be one step closer to be approved because in a report from The Wall Street Journal, the deal is said to have been cleared by the US National Security Panel.

T-Mobile’s Parent Company Could Replace Huawei’s Equipment As Well

The other day it was reported that Sprint’s parent company, Softbank, would be replacing some of its equipment that was provided/built by Huawei. It seems that they are not alone because in a report from Reuters, it looks like T-Mobile’s parent company Deutsche Telekom could also be considering a similar move.

T-Mobile Money Is A Checking Account Service For Magenta’s Customers

T-Mobile has launched a checking account service for its customers called T-Mobile Money. It’s a complete checking account solution with FDIC insurance for balances up to $250,000. Customers will also receive a Mastercard debit card as well as the ability to send paper checks from a companion app.

T-Mobile Offering Free Samsung TVs With Galaxy Smartphone Purchases

If you’re in the market for a new TV and a new phone, then you might be very interested in T-Mobile’s latest offer. The carrier has recently launched a new promotion in which for customers who buy a Samsung Galaxy smartphone, they will be eligible to get themselves a free 50-inch Samsung 4K TV.

New T-Mobile Name ID App Is Better At Stopping Robocalls

T-Mobile today announced the launch of a new Name ID app for iOS and an update to the existing app for Android. The app is now better at stopping robocalls and offers users more control over who can reach them on their phone. Features offered by this app include personal number blocking, reverse number lookup, and even control over entire categories of robocalls.

T-Mobile Mini Internet TV Box Spotted At The FCC

It appears that T-Mobile might still be interesting in launching its own TV streaming service. An FCC filing has revealed the hardware for this service which may be called the T-Mobile Mini. Images of the device have surfaced online as well due to this filing. It’s expected that T-Mobile could launch the TV streaming service before the end of this year.

OnePlus 6T Officially Announced, Will Be Coming To T-Mobile

After hearing the rumors and waiting for the official announcement, the OnePlus 6T has finally been unveiled in all of its entirety. The launch of the handset marks the second flagship phone for OnePlus in 2018, and by all accounts it seems like a pretty huge improvement over the OnePlus 6.