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iPhone Users Can Now Test T-Mobile’s Network For Free For 30 Days
Are you considering changing carrier? It might be hard to choose which carrier to use because while some might offer great deals, their coverage or service might not be good and the money saved might not be worth all the frustration of trying to get a decent line. However, the good news is that T-Mobile will let you take their network for a spin for free.

T-Mobile Just Launched Their Own Tracking Accessory
Tracking accessories aren’t new. Tile has been in the market for years, although it seems that following the rumors that Apple was planning their own tracking accessory, which eventually debuted as the AirTags, we’re seeing more of these accessories being launched. In fact, T-Mobile has announced their own version.

T-Mobile Home Internet Is Finally Here. Legacy Providers Should Be Worried
We have been hearing about T-Mobile’s Home Internet for years now, but it is finally coming in a meaningful way to the market, thanks to 5G.The premise is excellent: customers can get fast broadband access without complex installations (drill holes in the wall), an affordable price, and outstanding reliability (when was the last time your 4G/5G was down?). Many legacy providers cannot say the same thing, especially those that are […]

T-Mobile Will Use Google Messages As Its Default SMS App
Back in the early days of the smartphone and when instant messenger services like WhatsApp were growing in popularity, carriers were struggling with what to do. This is because with these messenger services, users slowly stopped sending SMS which used to cost money. However, fast forward to today and the landscape is looking very different.


OnePlus 9, OnePlus 9 Pro Will Be Coming To T-Mobile
Ever since late 2018, OnePlus and T-Mobile have come to an agreement in which OnePlus phones launching in the US would be available for purchase through the carrier. If you were worried that maybe this agreement had come to an end or if you just want to make sure it’s still in place, it is.

OnePlus Nord N10 5G, Nord N100 Will Arrive On T-Mobile January 15
When OnePlus first announced the OnePlus Nord, they revealed that the phone would not be launching in the US. Instead, the company later announced variants of the phone that would be designated for the US market, which comes in the form of both the OnePlus Nord N10 5g and the OnePlus Nord N100.

The Best Camera Phones 2020 @ T-Mobile USA
The holiday shopping madness is about to start, and phones are high on people’s lists. Everyone agrees that the phone’s camera is the most important purchase criterion, so we will go over the whole T-Mobile USA line of products to tell you which camera you get your hard-earned money.

T-Mobile Launches New TVision Streaming Service
The way we consume media has changed drastically over the past decade or so. It used to be that we could only watch whatever was available on TV, but that later changed when cable TV was introduced and we could choose different packages and programs to watch, but these days, we’re starting to see the rise of streaming services.

MediaTek Dimensity 1000C Processor Powers T-Mobile’s LG Velvet
MediaTek is a major player in the consumer electronics chip industry, but the company’s profile for the average American person is discreet because these chips are often found in smart speakers, set-top boxes and other appliances for which the technical specifications are not a purchase factor.

T-Mobile Will End Support For Non-VoLTE Devices In 2021
These days, 4G LTE has become the standard on the majority of smartphones out there. As a result, many devices are VoLTE compatible, but we imagine that there are probably still a handful of people out there that are still holding onto their older 3G-only devices. If you are, then you might want to take note of this.

T-Mobile’s Scam Shield Will Protect You Against Robocalls
Nobody likes robocalls as they can be very annoying and very disruptive. There are several ways you can protect yourself against robocalls, but in case you wanted a solution on a carrier level, you might be interested to learn that T-Mobile has since announced a new service in the form of Scam Shield.

T-Mobile Will Be Dropping Sprint’s Branding This Summer
Right now in the US, there are four major carriers: AT&T, Verizon, Sprint, and T-Mobile. However, following the T-Mobile and Sprint merger, in reality, there are only three, although Sprint’s branding does continue to exist, but not for long as T-Mobile has revealed plans to eventually sunset the branding.

T-Mobile’s $15/month Plan Comes With Fine Print You’ll Want To Read
Back in the day, carriers dealt with data by either imposing a cap or by charging extremely expensive overages for users who went over their cap. These days, the majority of carriers adopt a throttling policy, where users who go over their data cap will still have an internet connection, but will see speeds slowed down and they will not be charged for it.

US Carriers To Suspend Cancellations And Waive Late Fees
If you’re late to pay your phone bills, don’t be surprised if you get hit with a late fee, or in some cases if you’ve not paid for an extended period of time, your account could get suspended or even cancelled. However, that will no longer be the case, at least for the time-being where US carriers have announced that they will be suspending those penalties.

FCC Wants To Fine Carriers For Selling User Location Data
As some of you might have heard, last year it came to light that major carriers in the US have been selling user location data to third-party companies. The carriers have since said that they have ceased those practices, but apparently that isn’t enough for the FCC who are now proposing a token fine to the carriers involved.

T-Mobile’s 5G Plans Will Start At $15 A Month
Thinking of signing up for a 5G plan? Given that new technologies tend to be expensive, we’re sure that there are some who might be worried that 5G could cost a lot more than 4G plans. It turns out that might not necessarily be the case. T-Mobile has recently announced that they will be launching 5G prepaid plans that will cost as little as $15 a month.

OnePlus 7T Pro 5G Will Be Coming To The US, But Only For T-Mobile
OnePlus seems to have employed a rather strange strategy this year, where the OnePlus 7 was not released for the US market. Instead, the company chose to launch the Pro variant of the phone stateside. That strategy was later reversed when OnePlus announced the OnePlus 7T and 7T Pro, where the former would be releasing stateside and that the latter wouldn’t.

T-Mobile And Microsoft Team Up For xCloud Game Streaming
One of the bottlenecks in gaming these days is mostly hardware related. This is due to the fact that we all have devices powered by different hardware configurations, which means that there are instances when a game can run better on one device and not as good on another, or in some cases, not at all.

T-Mobile Customers Can Now Get Free Food From Burger King
If you’re a T-Mobile customer and you find yourself hungry on Tuesdays, how about hopping on over to your local Burger King for a free meal? How is this free, you ask? This is because in a somewhat unlikely partnership, T-Mobile and Burger King have teamed up where they will be offering customers free food.

T-Mobile Will Let Prospective Customers Test Drive Their Network For 30 Days
If you’re trying to decide between carriers, how do you make that decision? Do you buy prepaid lines and get multiple phones and see which one offers the best speeds or coverage? Sure, you could go about doing that, although that just seems to be rather troublesome and not to mention expensive.