iPhone 5s Found To Be Top Smartphone In 35 Countries

iphone-5s-review-007When it comes to Android smartphones, it is safe to say that Samsung is king, but when it comes to smartphones in general, could Apple be the leading brand? Well according to a new research conducted by the folks at Counterpoint Technology Market Research, the answer would be yes.

According to their research, they have found that in terms of smartphones, Apple’s iPhone 5s is currently the leading device, although we should note that the research was from May 2014, so there is a chance that Samsung or one of the other brands could have easily overtaken Apple by then.

We should also point out that the research is based on 35 countries in the world, so it’s not necessarily the best phone in the world, but the best of the 35 countries that Counterpoint based their research on. As for Samsung, they have managed to snag the second, third, and fourth place with Galaxy S5, Galaxy S4, and the Galaxy Note 3 respectively.

Apple comes in again at fifth place with the iPhone 5c, sixth place with the iPhone 4S, and in seventh place we have Xiaomi with the Mi3. Interestingly enough the major brands like HTC, LG, Motorola, and Sony did not make the cut. So, what do you guys think? Do you agree with the numbers?


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