iphone_se_touch_idWith the launch of the iPhone SE, Apple introduced the Touch ID fingerprint sensor which has become standard in Apple’s mobile products. Obviously Apple has introduced newer generations of the hardware which has become faster and more adept at reading fingerprints, but unfortunately the iPhone SE will not have the latest Touch ID sensor.

According to various reports, it has been discovered that the iPhone SE will sport the first-gen Touch ID sensor that was found in the iPhone 5s. The iPhone SE is being marketed as a replacement to the iPhone 5s and a cheaper version of the iPhone 6s. On paper its specs are pretty much identical, but like we said, concessions had to be made to allow Apple to sell the phone cheap.

Aside from the obvious smaller screen size and the choice to use an older design in which Apple already has the molds for, one of those concessions was the omission of 3D Touch, and now we know that another “sacrifice” was the use of older Touch ID technology. While there was nothing wrong with Touch ID when it first launched, the newer Touch ID sensors are noticeably faster than their predecessor.

By no means does this make the iPhone SE a poor phone, but if you were hoping for the performance of the iPhone 6s in a smaller package, you might not necessarily be getting that, but then again with its price starting at $399 versus the $649 price tag of the iPhone 6s, we suppose a little bit of lag never hurt anyone.

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