assassins_creed_3_7_million_soldWe do know that game addicts are able to spend plenty of hours behind the monitor or TV, so much so that there has been some documented cases of death (after a 40 hour gaming marathon) in the past. While tragic, those deaths did not directly involve the harm or death of others, but in the case of 27-year old Mark Sandland, he got so riled up and frustrated by his 5 week old daughter’s screaming while trying to get some Assassin’s Creed 3 action going on, so much so that he silenced her – permanently. This heinous act resulted in him being sentenced to 8 years in jail.

In Mark Sandland’s defence, he claimed to have suffered from an epileptic fit, and did not have the intent to murder his daughter. However, his daughter suffered various injuries such as bruising to her face, chest, abdomen, hip and lower limbs, in addition to subdural haemorrhages across a number of locations on her body. The court found him guilty of manslaughter.

Mark Sandland sobbed after receiving his sentence, and I am quite sure he has plenty of time in the slammer (and even before that) to contemplate on his actions, where hopefully nothing like this will ever repeat itself ever again – regardless of which part of the world one is at. It does sound like psychological help is required to assist gamers overcome their addiction to games, and to carry out real world responsibilities first before relaxing, being immersed in a game. What do you think the world has come to these days, and how do you feel about the sentence given by the courts of law?

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