mcoupleRelationships are a wonderful thing when all the right bits and pieces fall into place, but if you are one who has been cheated on before, you could get paranoid about your partner’s text messaging and calls made behind your back. Perhaps it might be worth exploring the mCouple app then if the two of you happen to be rocking to an iOS-powered device.

The mCouple app claims to be the “ultimate spying app”, since it enables you to check out every single action item that is performed on the handset, displaying all text messages, contacts, call history, and Facebook messages. Not only that, this happens in real time, so you need not go through a log at the end of a day when all data has been compiled, and who knows, it might even help you check out the phrase “getting caught with the pants down” in the flesh?

Not only that, the mCouple app will display the GPS co-ordinates of the handset, so that you have a firm handle on where your partner is round the clock. Of course, both users will need to agree to have the mCouple app installed beforehand, although there is another way – to purchase a phone with the app installed before “gifting” that handset to your partner, who is none the wiser for it. Since this app runs on ‘stealth mode’, it will not appear on the apps list.

I guess this is the nemesis to the Fujitsu F-Series “adultery phone” that proved to be so famous in Japan some years back.

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