The advent of smartphones has definitely changed the way mobile phones are designed, and the classic flip model that was popularized by the Motorola RAZR has more or less gone the way of the dodo, although a tiny segment of the Japanese population are extremely partial to the flip phone known as the Fujitsu F-Series for one particular reason – it boasts of the relevant security features required to assist both men and women to carry on with their extra-marital lives without missing a beat.

In fact, the Fujitsu F-Series handsets have managed to pick up a less than desirable nickname, touted to be “infidelity phones” in the Land of the Rising Sun. Basically, the Fujitsu F-Series will feature an extra protective blanket that helps ensure one’s private applications remain truly hidden, including important details such as missed calls, text messages and emails. All it takes is a secret key combination to activate the privacy mode. Sneaky! I am quite sure that Fujitsu did not intend their F-Series’ security/privacy system to be (ab)used in this manner when they first thought of it.

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