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Dipongo: Phygital Stories that Foster Children's Creativity
Dipongo is a mobile application available on tablets and smartphones that aims at keeping kids away from all screens to spark their imagination and activate their creativity. The goal statement sounds like a conundrum: using displays to keep children away from them, how is that possible?According to this Raise Smart Kids article published in January 2020, there is little scientific data available from pediatric studies to prove screen time could […]

Singapore GovTech Hive: Government-Driven Innovation for Better Services
In May 2017, Singapore GovTech and IMDA invited me on a press tour that aims at showcasing the best innovations driven by government agencies in Singapore.Singapore has a long tradition of government-led initiatives when it comes to developing infrastructure or high-tech innovation, one of the most important and recent one is “Smart Nation” launched in 2014, probably inspired by the “Start-up Nation” a.k.a. Israel, a term coined by the book […]

Google Photos For iOS Updated With Speed Improvements
While iOS users have iCloud to backup their photos, it doesn’t hurt to have more than one backup option in the event that something goes wrong with the first. Google Photos has been a good alternative as it is free as long as you keep the photos under 16MP, which we reckon for many users should not be an issue.

Android Apps Could See Password-Free Logins Soon
In this day and age, each of us with a digital personality might find life to be a whole lot convenient, but on the other hand, it can be pretty challenging as well. After all, we realize that there are way too many passwords for various accounts to remember, and some of these passwords will require a combination of uppercase and lowercase characters, in addition to special characters and numbers. […]


App Lets You Preview Tattoo Before Getting One
You know how popular the saying has become, “There’s an app for that”, in recent times, and it does not look as though such a saying is going to stop anytime soon. In fact, for those who have always wondered about how different life would be if one were to pick up a tattoo, then you can surely resonate with this app that will perform a preview, if you will, […]

Cola App Paves The Way For More Interactive Text Messages
Instant messaging can be said to be a compulsory life skill in this day and age, but as with the many different kinds of personalities in which we see in humans, so too, will such nuances of personalities spill over to the interactive text messaging world. At times, you might feel as though you need to go through a long winded conversation just to plan something simple, and the app […]

Man Proposes With Fitness App
There is always this romantic notion about proposals, and it is best to get it right the first time round, as bloopers tend to make it awkward and embarrassing for just about anyone. Well, you can certainly say that Martin Rolfe from Worthin in West Sussex has thought things through carefully, and ran his heart out in order to win the hand of Fatma Turk, his other half for the […]

Reddit Tests Official Android App Already
It looks like the folks over at Reddit have begun to test their official Android app, and while many Reddit users will rejoice at this bit of news, one ought to take note that the window of opportunity to sign up for the closed beta is no longer there. According to Reddit CEO Steve Huffman, Reddit has certainly gone through a fair number of changes over the past year, and […]

Firechat Lets One Message Sans Internet Connection
Back in March last year, we did hear of Firechat, an app that has plans to enable folks to send messages to one another without the need for any kind of Internet connectivity. This offline chat is said to work best when the recipients happen to be within 10 meters of one another. This mobile app that runs on iOS and Android platforms will allow users to chat and message […]

A Dedicated Social Network For Casual Gamers With Free Games
Are you a casual gamer with undefined love for social media? Then this news is of your interest. A software developer firm, Czechs has come with a social networking platform dedicated specifically to the casual gamers, especially those who don’t want to pay overtime they play games on their system. As we know many developers ask users to pay in order to play.

Buzzfeed: LGBT Apps Censored By Samsung And Google In South Korea
Samsung, the conglomerate that some might say to be a prototype to that of the fictional Umbrella Corporation, hails from South Korea, a country that has the fastest internet connection speed in the world. It seems that Samsung and Google had laid down the banhammer on popular gay social networking apps from their online stores, at least according to the folks over at Buzzfeed News.

Read Ubergizmo With Smartnews
We’re launching the Ubergizmo smartnews channel in partnership with App Reader Smartnews. If you haven’t tried Smartnews for yourself, it is an up-and-coming news reader that brings two wonderful features: The app is incredibly fast, thanks to the “Smart” mode that can show a news piece much faster than a mobile website would load – even an optimized one. It has a special algorithm that bubbles up popular news, not only […]

Atom UK Consumer Bank Uses App Rather Than Branches Or ATM
Fancy being a customer of a bank that does not have any kind of local branches or ATMs that you can withdraw money from? That certainly does not sound like a bank, and it is more like a mechanic who does not have a physical workshop for you to drive your vehicle up to when it comes to servicing and repairs. I suppose that will never happen for car workshops, […]

Screentendo Might Lower Your Productivity
There is just something about this rotund plumber known as Mario who has captivated generations of gamers, first making it big in the highly pixelated era of video games, before moving on to greener pastures in 16-bit titles, and then there was the Nintendo 64 followed by the GameCube and Wii platforms, of course. Oh yeah, who could forget those adventures on Nintendo’s handheld platforms as well? It looks as […]

GeekWatch Brings Old School Calculator To Apple Watch
I am quite sure that by now, there have been a whole lot of folks who have compared the Apple Watch to the classic Casio calculator watch, and surely when this happens, the inevitable will follow. Some smart aleck has decided to forge ahead and come up with an app that will surely resonate with the older generation, calling it GeekWatch. Basically, GeekWatch will “dumb down” your Apple Watch, so […]

Children’s Hospital Comes Up With Sleep App
Hospitals might not be a fun place at all to be at, but I would suppose that you can call it a necessary part of life, especially since this is the place to go to whenever you are assaulted by an illness that a simple dose of aspirin is unable to help. The Evelina Children’s Hospital in London has come up with a free app that is touted to improve […]

The World Ends With You: Solo Remix Pulled From iTunes
Have you ever played The World Ends With You on the Nintendo DS when it was released all those years back? Well, it seems that this mobile game has not had that much luck on the Apple platform, as we received word that The World Ends With You: Solo Remix has just been pulled from the iTunes App Store simply because there does not seem to be a fix in […]

HTC Updates Video Player On Google Play
It looks like HTC is having a ball of a time when it comes to updating their apps over on Google Play, making life a whole lot easier not only for the smartphone owner, but also for the carriers. No longer do carriers need to wait for a customized app release, as anyone using that particular HTC smartphone can always head on to Google Play to see what app has […]

Starbucks App Lets You Reload Your Starbucks Card With Apple Pay
If you’re a frequent patron of Starbucks in the US, you’re probably more than familiar with the Starbucks app which lets you pay for your drinks without ever needing your wallet, as long as you have enough money in the app to pay for your purchases. The good news for Starbucks app users is that the app has recently been updated with support for Apple Pay.No, this does not mean […]

Je Suis Charlie App: 1 Hour Approval After Email To Tim Cook
There are times when things need to be expedited – and the Je Suis Charlie app is one such example, where an email sent to Apple CEO Tim Cook saw the app approved within an hour of its submission. claimed that French news agency Nice-Matin fired an email to Tim Cook, asking for Apple to expedite the review of the Je Suis Charlie app, where users can map their […]