mota3D printers do seem to be dime a dozen these days, but how many of them are actually affordable to the masses? Well, here is something that you can afford for just a single Benjamin – and we are talking about the Mota 3D printer which costs all of just $99 a pop. The Mota 3D, as it is called, hails from a Kickstarter campaign, and many had hoped that it will be realized when the project finally rolls off the production line after raising up enough funds along the way.

The thing is, it was a few days after the Kickstarter campaign for the Mota 3D launched that the project was pulled, and co-founder Kevin Faro informed backers that “I wish there was a way to offer truly high quality, highly precise 3D printers at incredibly low prices. That would bring about the mass market adoption that this technology so needs. The reality is, like any technology, it is expensive to develop and manufacture. We don’t want to promise something that cannot be delivered, or whose quality is anywhere below outstanding, and the fact of the matter is that delivering that high standard of quality would cost a premium. We have learned a great deal from your comments in the last few days. And they tell me we need to go back, work harder, and find a way to reduce the price even more as well as make the technology more open. So we are canceling the project until we can deliver on that promise.”

Better to pull the plug before under-delivering, don’t you think so? Not only that, there is no need to go through the agony of not seeing it ship at all, now that would be even worse.

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