nokia-z-launcher-androidBack in June, Nokia launched their first Android launcher called the Z Launcher. What made the Z Launcher so unique compared to other launchers is the fact that users would be able to swipe and perform gestures in the launcher itself to launch apps. For example drawing the letter “M” could bring up apps like Mail, Messages, and so on.

The launcher has also been designed to display your most used apps at a glance, so users won’t have to dig through their app drawer or folders to find their apps. Now the good news is that the launcher was launched in beta and recently Nokia announced that they have made some updates to the launcher as well as opened up the beta to more users.

According to Nokia, “If you were one of the people who previously requested to join our pre-beta after we reached capacity early in the trial, you can now download and start using Z Launcher. While we are not ready to open the private beta to everyone, we made it a priority to invite people who previously tried to join the trial.”

As far as the new features are concerned, it seems that the development team has taken some of its users’ recommendations to heart. The launcher will now allow users to configure their favorites, hide apps, additional support for handsets like the HTC One and the Moto X, data insight, along with a variety of bug fixes.

As it stands the app is still in a somewhat private beta and it does not seem like the team is ready to open it up to the public just yet. However if you were lucky enough to get in, then perhaps this is an update you’ll want to check out.

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