dad-ghostThe Internet is full of stories, some true, others questionable, and a bunch of them being outright lies. However, there are true stories in the mix that causes our tear glands to work overtime, and this is one of them. A post on Motoramic saw a YouTube commenter who is known as 00WARTHERAPY00 share a cry inducing story on how he raced against his late father’s ghost in RalliSport Challenge, a racing game on the Xbox, a good decade after he had left this earth.

When 00WARTHERAPY00 was four, his father purchased the first generation Xbox from Microsoft. They obviously spent countless hours playing different kinds of games, but all of those good times stopped a couple of years later when his father died. Unable to bring himself to touch the Xbox for a decade, the child who is now a teenager decided to boot up RalliSport Challenge, stumbling upon his father’s ghost in the process.

This is not the spooky ghost that just about all cultures have, but rather, a ghost driver of the driver who managed the fastest lap in the game. He then decided to keep at it until he beat the ghost – where that day arrived, although he did stop right in front of the finish line so that one of his most endearing memories of his father would remain. Crying much?

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