airdogWhen it comes to drones, much has been covered about this particular topic, ranging from a drone that crashed into the largest hot spring in the Yellowstone National Park, while another drone had an illegal prison delivery go awry. Having said that, most of these drones would probably be normal ones, and not tough as nails – definitely far from the Air Dog drone. The Air Dog drone was specially developed in order for it to cater for extreme sport fans, as it functions as a flying camera that captures all of your adrenaline pumping adventures without batting an eyelid.

Right now, there is a need for a drone on the market that is capable of flying around while shooting some stunts being performed, so taking the problem by the scruff of its neck, Latvian sports enthusiasts Janis Spogis and Edgars Rozentals decided to come up with one themselves. It so happens that both Janis and Edgars own Helico, which is a company which sells drones that carry tiny cameras, but they also love to let adrenaline course through their veins thanks to activities such as wakeboarding, surfing, BMX and kite-boarding.

Hence, the Air Dog drone was created, which ended up as a Kickstarter project that we talked about a couple of months ago. This tiny foldable drone will feature a quartet of propellers and tips the scales at approximately 1.6kg, and is capable of holding a small camera, as it moves around at a maximum speed of 70km/h (43mph) thereabouts.

The Air Dog managed to smash the $200,000 (£120,000) target, and it has so far raised over $1.3 million, with production set to kick off in October, and do expect the first few models to ship in time for Christmas.

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