Swiss-headquartered aerial logistics firm Rigitech has successfully completed a trial utilizing its Eiger drone delivery system to aid in turbine maintenance at the Anholt Offshore Wind Farm in Denmark. The Eiger drone possesses the capability to deliver payloads with exceptional precision, eliminating the need for landing and making it an optimal choice for accessing technicians within offshore wind turbines.

Rigitech’s team has pioneered state-of-the-art technologies, including AI-based flight planning algorithms, precision navigation in challenging high-wind environments, computer vision, and sensor fusion algorithms. These advancements ensure deliveries that are not only precise but also highly efficient. Spare parts are autonomously delivered with an accuracy level measured in centimeters, thereby eliminating the need for costly landing and takeoff procedures.

A cost-effective solution

Equipped with a cutting-edge dropping system, the Eiger drone provides a cost-effective solution for turbine repairs by swiftly delivering spare parts within a remarkable 30-minute timeframe. This eradicates the time delays and fuel consumption associated with service vessel trips between the shoreline and the turbines. Consequently, repairs can now be promptly completed on the same day, enhancing the safety of technicians while minimizing turbine downtime.

Designed for versatility

The Eiger drone platform is engineered to operate seamlessly during nighttime hours and withstand winds of up to 15 m/s. Its impressive long-range capability of over 62 miles enables efficient transportation between urban centers and even remote locations.

Enhanced by advanced lighting technology, this aerial system ensures safe operations throughout day and night. Moreover, it incorporates additional features such as integrated cameras for precise target landing and a parachute system for emergency situations, thus amplifying its overall capabilities.

Having successfully conducted 40 offshore flights, including multiple autonomous payload drops on a wind turbine positioned 30 km offshore, the Eiger drone has demonstrated an impeccable success rate of 100%, even when faced with challenging wind conditions. Its adaptability, precision, and efficiency establish it as an innovative solution for delivering a wide array of items, ranging from cartons to vital medical supplies, in a secure and punctual manner.

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