Aviate-Infographic-8_23On average, how many apps do you think people have on their phones? Some might only have a handful because that’s all they need. Some might have many because either they need that many apps or they just can’t be bothered to delete apps even if they have no more use for them. Well according to Aviate, the Android launcher that was acquired by Yahoo, the average Android user has about 95 apps on their phone.

Given that Aviate exists as an Android launcher and is used to aggregate data such as personal and local, as well as organizes your apps and sees which apps you tend to use more frequently, we can’t say we’re too surprised to learn that they have managed to gather the data that they have. However we should point out that this is based on Android smartphones that have the launcher installed, so it doesn’t necessarily speak for all Android users.

That being said, Aviate and Yahoo Labs have created an inforgraphic that revealed that the average Android user has 95 apps installed on their phone, and that an average of 35 apps are used on a daily basis. They also revealed that there are certain apps that find more/less use depending on the time of day. For example the clock app tends to be used at night and in the morning, while Google Maps tends to peak later in the day when people are trying to get around.

These are actually some pretty interesting stats but what do you guys think? Are you in agreement with the numbers, or does 95 apps seem too little/too much for you?

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