The drone might be a misunderstood piece of technology, having been restricted to different areas of testing, all the while not being able to spend the day in the midst of nature just like how you would love to. Well, they are still a great hobbyist’s tool, as this particular Napa man showed the world in the YouTube video above. In other words, Evan Klikus flew his drone around downtown Napa in order to check out just how extensive the damage was due to the earthquake that happened over the weekend.

Using a DJI Phantom 2 Vision+ quadrocopter that costs approximately $1,369, this all of the footage has been edited and condensed into a video that is seven minutes long, allowing the viewer to have an up close and personal view of a damaged post office, courthouse and church. Apart from that, you will be able to check out a collapsed garage with crushed cars trapped within in the video. For some musical accompaniment, credit goes to Napa-based musician Bill Scholer.

This just goes to show how drones can be used during an emergency, as it scouts ahead of humans to see whether there is presence of human life amidst the rubble. Of course, it will take a trained eye and perhaps even ear to do so.

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