The rumor mill is abuzz with chatter about a new service that Microsoft is apparently working on. Redmond may be working on a new CDN service or a service that’s based around a CDN. Moreover there’s evidence to suggest that this service might be called Sway, we have domain names and a trademark application filed by Microsoft as proof.

Over at DotWeekly Jamie Zoch spotted the purchase of the domain by Microsoft, apart from several variations such as, and Currently all of these links redirect to Microsoft’s Bing browser with search results for these terms.

Zoch believes that Microsoft might be gearing up to launch this new service soon otherwise it wouldn’t have shown to the public that it is the owner of this domain. The trademark filing describes Sway as an online computer software, computer application software and software as a service.

Microsoft hasn’t officially commented on this rumors. However the move makes sense as both Apple and Netflix move to their own CDN services in order to improve content streaming and control quality of service.

Plus the cloud is a major part of the strategy with which CEO Satya Nadella taking the company forward so it wouldn’t hurt to be able to poach users off of the likes of Amazon which already has CloudFront, its own CDN service.

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