pokemon-xy-pokeballvivillonThe Pokémon Company decided to make their latest announcement via Twitter, citing that they will be distributing a very special butterfly to the masses over in North America. Known as the Pokéball-Pattern Vivillon, this particular butterfly was released exclusively in France before this, and is right now available to every single Pokémon X and Pokémon Y owner via the Nintendo Network, now how about that?

Do take note that this does not mark the very first time that North American players are able to pick up this Vivillon variant, since there is always the more messy option of trading, but it happens to be the inaugural distribution across North America. Part of it is also to celebrate the opening of the PokémonCenter online store, where trainers can then download Pokéball-Pattern Vivillon from now until the 12th of August. Once we hit the 13th of August, Pokéball-Pattern Vivillon will be taken off the market – which leaves it available via trading once again.

First unlocked at 100 million global trades, this is definitely one of the more creative ways for the Pokémon Company to come up with a way where users are able to enjoy a new Pokémon while embracing a higher level of interaction between other trainers.

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