Samsung-Multi-Charging-Wall-Charger-1So your wall outlet or charger has only one USB port, what does that mean? Does that mean you will have to decide between charging your phone, your tablet, your media player, your camera, and so on? Sometimes it can be a tough decision, but Samsung has decided to make your life easier by unveiling a 3-in-1 micro USB cable.

Now such cables aren’t exactly new, although usually they come in a variety of plugs to support different types of devices, but if you have no need for Lightning cables and other cables and just need micro USB, then perhaps Samsung’s cable could be the one for you. It’s pretty straightforward – you plug the USB into the charger or computer, and you will have 3 micro USB cables at your disposal.

As you can see in the image above, Samsung has suggested that you can charge your phone, your smartwatch, and even headphones with them, all at once. At the same time we reckon this will be a huge hit at parties or during vacations where you will always find someone who has forgotten to bring their chargers with them.

Unfortunately due to the split nature of the cables, it also means that power will be split evenly between all three devices, so the more devices you have connected to it, the slower your devices will charge. It is also priced pretty steep at $40 but hey, if you can justify its price, why not?

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