One of the features that Sony highlights most in its flagship products is the fact that they can hold their own against the elements pretty well. Although the company is quick to point out limitations. For example its water resistant devices are said to be good for up to 30 minutes under 1.5m of fresh water. However Alexander Maxén from Gothenburg found that his Xperia Z2 survived even after spending six weeks on the sea bed.

Maxén’s story first emerged in Swedish press. He was water-skiing with friends on a holiday and accidently dropped his Xperia Z2 in the water as he jumped in. As the sea bed was over ten meters deep he couldn’t recover it at that point.

When they reached shore they tried calling the phone and surprisingly got through but since they couldn’t retrieve it they let it be. After about six weeks a friend of Maxén went scuba diving in the same area and managed to find and bring back the device.


Even though the device had experience some external damage, the back screen had cracked, and the battery had discharged completely they were surprised to see the phone’s LED indicator light up when the charger was connected. The Xperia Z2 worked fine when it booted up and was even able to make calls.

This isn’t the first time that a Sony smartphone has survived beyond its stated limits. Last year a Sony Xperia V was recovered after four days at sea and it too functioned perfectly. Obviously this shouldn’t be taken as an invitation to chuck your Sony smartphone in the water, but Xperia Z2 owners will no doubt be glad to see just how sturdy their device really is.

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