twitch logoAccording to a report from yesterday, it was revealed that Twitch had announced some changes they were making to their service, however if there was one aspect that users were particularly annoyed over was Twitch’s addition of audio recognition to videos on demand. What this means is that if videos are found to have copyrighted songs in the background, the portion of the video will be muted.

Perhaps responding to the backlash that it generated, Twitch’s CEO Emmett Shear took to a Reddit AMA in which he answered some questions as well reassure its users that the audio recognition feature is a work in progress. However based on his answer, the outlook still isn’t too good for Twitch viewers and streamers.

According to Shear, “Future plans: increase the scan resolution so that we don’t have to flag 30 minute chunks at a time, identify why things have been flagged, institute an appeals system, make sure there isn’t any original game music on the flagging list.” The last bit is important because as it stands, game music has reportedly caused videos to be flagged/muted which is very odd.

Either way we guess it looks like Twitch’s audio recognition will not be going away anytime soon. We guess what this means for streamers is that they will have to be careful when playing songs in the background – either that or obtain the rights to play that music before their videos are saved to videos on demand. What do you guys think? Has this turned you off a little bit from using Twitch, or is this not a big deal?

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