These days, consoles are more than just about playing games. Because there are so many other devices and services to compete with, consoles need to be more than just a gaming machine to keep players invested in using it. This is why consoles these days have a lot more social features than before.

If you own the Nintendo Switch and want to be able to do more on the console than just play games, you’ll be interested to learn that the Twitch app is now available for the console. This means that if you want to take a break from playing games, you can use the Twitch app to watch video streams from some of your favorite streamers.

Unfortunately, the app itself is rather limited in terms of functionality. It pretty much just allows you to watch streams because you won’t be able to stream games yourself, and it seems that if you want to chat, you can’t either. Instead, you’ll have to scan the QR code with a smartphone and then chat on that instead.

This means that if you want to chat and watch at the same time, you might almost be better off just watching it on your laptop or phone, but we suppose at the very least it’s an option for gamers. The app is a free download from Nintendo’s website.

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