vivVirtual assistants do seem to be in vogue these days, with the likes of BlackBerry and its virtual assistant, Microsoft’s Cortana, not to mention Apple’s Siri, where they all intend to make your smartphone or tablet experience a whole lot easier and intuitive. Well, Viv Labs claims that they might be on the cusp of an artificial intelligence breakthrough that would result in the end of humanity. Nay, I jest, such situations normally occur in movies, but here, we are looking at the possible creation of a truly learning AI.

This AI will then go to work by powering a virtual assistant that is able to help you do just about anything and everything else that you ask of it. Sounds like a big ask, but do bear in mind that Viv Labs does have three founders who were all part of the team behind the creation of Siri.

While Siri is not the ideal example when it comes to artificial intelligence, being more of a complex speech recognition system which answers queries, Viv Labs might be on to something new and revolutionary here, and we could very well see the next generation of the virtual assistant hail from Viv Labs in due time. Exciting times are ahead.

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