Early last month, we brought you word on new Apple Campus 2 photos that depicted some concrete foundation work that went on, and this time around, there is something far more interesting that you might want to take note of – a drone which has been outfitted with a camera managed to take to the skies to capture a drone’s eye view of the upcoming Apple Campus.

Of course, there is a sense of excitement about it, as I am quite sure that many of us would be able to remember how when Apple first introduced plans for their upcoming new campus, most folks did say something about it being a “mothership” of sorts, or something in that vein. This particular project has been going on for quite some time already, and progress has been made – although it is still one year behind the original schedule, not to mention seeing its costs balloon by more than a couple of billion. Still, that is chump change to Apple considering the value of the company today.

Twitter user @jmcminn hooked up a GoPro camera to his DJI Phantom 2 drone before navigating it over the new Apple Campus’ construction site, and there is just an overwhelming sense of awe when one takes into consideration the overall size of Apple’s upcoming campus. Hopefully it will be on track to meet the 2016 opening date.

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