Gamers around the world are anxiously waiting for September 9th, that’s when Bungie’s Destiny finally gets released. A lot of hype has already been created for this title, primarily because of the fact that it cost Activision some half a billion dollars.However Bungie isn’t going to stop promoting its new title. The developer has teamed up with Google Maps to present the Destiny Planet View. Its a fictional version of Google’s popular mapping service that’s set in Destiny’s fictional world.

If you simply can’t wait for Destiny to be released, like me, then you’ll really like Destiny Planet View. The website created for this purpose gives visitors a chance to browse around the three main locations that are featured in Destiny.

The Moon, Mars and Venus can be explored using a Google Maps interface that’s set in the future. This is something really unique that Bungie has done in collaboration with Google because a video game has never been “mapped” with the help of Mountain View.

Admittedly visitors will only be able to view a fraction of Destiny’s vast open worlds, something that Bungie prides itself on. Nevertheless it will be possible to visit different areas and explore gameplay tips, lore as well as hidden real-world and in-game incentives. The Destiny Planet View website can be accessed from here.

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