sonovaSonova of Switzerland has come up with a new wireless microphone which resembles that of a pen, and the whole idea of this wireless microphone is to assist those who are living with hearing loss to be able to understand speech. Not only that, this wireless microphone would supposedly allow hard of hearing folks to be able to understand normal speech better compared to those who have normal hearing – at select noise levels, of course.

An aging population is definitely a boon to the hearing aid industry, since manufacturers start to see more and more people actually purchase their products, and not only that, the old stigma of previous generation hearing aids would most probably be relegated to the memory recycle bin as these new devices are packed with newer technologies which would make wearing one look fashionable, even.

Sonova has called this wireless microphone “Roger”, and named it so after the term was used in radio communications in order to acknowledge that a message has been received. Roger will be able to wirelessly transmits a speaker’s voice over a 2.4 gigahertz (GHz) frequency to a small receiver that is clipped onto the aid. The pen can be placed flat on a table, and functions like a microphone where you can even hang it around a speaker’s neck, so ensure that speech is more intelligible across some distance, especially when there is potentially distracting background noise.

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