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One of the most highly anticipated movies of this year has unsurprisingly made a box office record on its opening weekend. Despite all of the bad reviews from critics, Suicide Squad has set an August box office record by bringing in $135.1 million in ticket sales in North America during its opening weekend. It has beaten what Guardians of the Galaxy brought in during its opening weekend back in 2012, and critics weren’t writing too many negative reviews about that movie.

Perhaps it’s the sheer star power that has enabled Suicide Squad to rake in so much money on opening weekend or perhaps fans are not too concerned with critic reviews and are happy to spend their money on it anyway.

The Associated Press reports that even though fans flocked to the theaters on Thursday and Friday, ticket sales declined sharply on Saturday, hence the forecast that ticket sales could see sharp declines in the coming weeks.

Negative reviews by critics are certainly the proverbial elephant in the room but the head of distribution for Warner Bros. Jeff Goldstein says that “Clearly there’s disconnect between audiences and critics.”

The coming weeks are crucial for the movie as it will only become evident then whether the movie is only making money due to the initial rush or whether it has the potential to continue making money. It merits mentioning here that due to its storylines, Suicide Squad is unlikely to be released in China, which happens to be the second-largest movie market in the world.

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