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No Plans For Ad-Supported Disney Plus For Now
Services like Spotify offer its customers a free tier, where some features are limited and users will have to put up with ads. Obviously the goal is to drive customers to start paying, but it’s an alternative for those who can’t afford to or don’t want to. In a way, we can see the merits of such an option.

Apple Podcasts Subscriptions Is Now Live
Back in April, Apple announced their plans to launch a podcasts subscriptions service. It was initially pegged for a launch in May, but Apple later announced that they would be launching it in June. For those who might have been looking forward to the new feature, you’ll be pleased to hear that it has officially launched.

Netflix Releases Teaser Trailer For Cuphead Animated Series
A couple of years ago, Netflix announced that they would be developing an animated series for the indie hit game, Cuphead. The good news is that it looks like that time is almost upon us because Netflix has since published a teaser trailer for the upcoming series, and we have to say that we’re pretty excited.

Netflix Confirms Castlevania Spin-Off Series In The Works
The fourth season of the Castlevania animated series on Netflix was confirmed to be the last, but it was also reported that Netflix was interested in expanding on the Castlevania universe. The good news for those who have enjoyed the series is that Netflix has since confirmed that a new spin-off series is in the works.


Ubisoft Launches Rocksmith+ Subscription That Teaches You How To Play Guitar And Bass
Want to learn a new musical instrument? If you do, some of you might recall that Ubisoft attempted to go down this path back in 2011 with Rocksmith. There was a sequel in 2014, but things have quieted down since then, at least until today where Ubisoft has announced the revival to its Rocksmith series with Rocksmith+.

iOS 14.6 Will Let You Stream Lossless Audio From iPhone To HomePod
Back in May, Apple announced that they would be launching lossless audio for Apple Music. However, it seems that at that time, none of Apple’s devices would actually support lossless playback, although Apple did say that the HomePod would receive an update that would eventually support it.

Apple Music Spatial Audio And Lossless Audio Now Available For Subscribers
Back in May, Apple announced that they would be introducing Spatial Audio and Lossless Audio for Apple Music. For those who have been looking forward to these features, you’ll be happy to learn that at WWDC 2021, Apple announced that these new features will be rolling out to users today.

Apple Could Launch A Spatial Audio Radio Station For Apple Music
While Apple’s AirPods lineup might not necessarily be the best-sounding headphones and earphones out there, they are convenient in terms of pairing and they do offer exclusive features like support for spatial audio tracks for Apple Music. However, it seems that Apple is taking their spatial audio feature even further.

Sony Wants To Change The Way We Play Our Instruments
If you’ve ever played the guitar, you might be familiar with the whammy bar. For those who aren’t familiar, it’s basically a bar that sits on the bridge of the guitar that when pressed down or pulled up, will cause the guitar’s sounds to change and create a vibrating-like effect that guitarists use for texture and to enhance their solos.

Apple Almost Got Into Rap Battles
Apple, like most other huge corporations, acquire companies from time to time to help bolster its products and services. However, a report from Bloomberg revealed an interesting attempt at an acquisition of Verzuz, which for those who are unfamiliar is a website that live streams rap battles.

Good News, The Portal Movie Is Still Alive And Well
We’d like to think that video games made into movies or TV series have definitely come a long way from their earlier and more terrible days. A good example would be the Castlevania series on Netflix which was very well-received, which is why it doesn’t really come as a surprise that movie studios are looking to video games for inspiration.

Amazon Has Acquired MGM For $8.45 Billion
It looks like all the other streaming services out there need to start paying attention and step up their game because Amazon has announced the acquisition of MGM. We heard rumors about Amazon’s interest in MGM last week, and it looks like the rumors have since been proven true as the deal is said to be worth $8.45 billion.

Tidal Launches Apple Watch App With Offline Playback
The other day, Spotify updated its app for the Apple Watch where it would now support offline playback and downloads. It looks like Tidal doesn’t want to be left behind because the company has since released their own app for the Apple Watch that comes with similar functionality like offline playback.

Sony Denies They Are Working On A God Of War Movie
More often than not, video games have pretty good storylines and given the various cutscenes we see during the game, it’s not hard to imagine that some of these storylines could easily be turned into a movie. Unfortunately if you were hoping for a God of War movie, you might be disappointed to learn that will not be happening.

Spotify For Apple Watch Will Now Support Downloads And Offline Playback
Back in November 2020, Spotify officially released a standalone app for the Apple Watch. However, it wasn’t a “complete” app because unlike the smartphone version, the Apple Watch version did not allow for downloads or support offline playback. This meant that you would still require an internet connection, which means either you bring your iPhone with you or you have the cellular Apple Watch model.

Apple Launches Affiliate Program For Podcast Subscriptions
During Apple’s Spring Loaded event back in April, the company took the wraps off a new podcasts subscription program. Unlike Apple Music or the Apple One subscription service, these podcast subscriptions are up to the discretion of creators, meaning that Apple is simply giving them the tools to help them monetize their content if they choose.

Injustice: Gods Among Us Is Finally Getting Its Own Animated Movie
In addition to working on Mortal Kombat, the folks at NetherRealm also worked on a game called Injustice: Gods Among Us. The game, for those unfamiliar, is a fighting game similar to Mortal Kombat but featuring DC superheroes and villains, like Batman, Superman, and the likes. It now looks like the game will finally be getting its own animated movies.

HBO Max With Ad Support Will Be Priced at $10 A Month
As some of you might have heard, HBO is gearing up to launch an ad supported version of its HBO Max streaming service. Last month, it was initially reported by CNBC that this ad supported version would be priced at $10 a month, making it cheaper by $5 compared to the regular HBO Max.

Apple Might Have A Way To Let The AirPods Stream Lossless Audio
When Apple announced that Apple Music will be getting lossless audio streaming, it came as a bit of a rude shock to discover that Apple’s own AirPods, including its $550 AirPods Max, would not support it. This is because in order to stream lossless, you would need a wired connection and in the case of hi-resolution lossless, a USB DAC.

Spotify’s Lossless Music Streaming Could Be Launching Soon
When Tidal first launched, the company tried to set themselves apart from the competition by offering up higher-end streams, but no one really paid attention to it, save for audiophiles who might have been on the lookout for such a service. However, it seems that maybe Tidal could have been onto something all along.