Spotify Premium Updated With New Design Features

Earlier this year, Spotify rolled out a new design for its users, but it seemed to be only available to Spotify’s free tier users. However the good news for Premium subscribers is that it looks like Spotify is finally rolling out those changes where they can expect a new design as well as some changes to the way they navigate the app.

SoundCloud Will Now Allow DJs To Directly Mix Its Tracks

While SoundCloud might not necessarily be the streaming platform on par with the likes of Spotify or Apple Music, the platform has managed to carve out a rather niche section of the market where it appeals to those who enjoy EDM, and for indie musicians and DJs who upload their own mixes to the platform.

YouTube & Eventbrite Team Up To Sell Concert Tickets In Videos

We’re sure many of us have watched music videos on YouTube and thought to ourselves, wouldn’t it be great if we could watch that artist live in person? Bands and artists have tried to make it easier for their fans to follow their tour dates by posting on social media, but now it looks like YouTube wants to make it easier for fans to attend concerts.

Spotify For Wear OS Gets A Brand New App

If you like listening to music on the go and you have a Wear OS smartwatch, there’s a good chance that Spotify could be one of the apps and services you use. The good news is that if you thought that Spotify app on Wear OS could stand to do with some improvements, you’ll be pleased to learn that’s exactly what happened.


MTV’s The Real World Being Brought Back To Life By Facebook

Facebook has been investing considerably in original video content recently and it’s now going the nostalgia route to get more people to watch its content. The world’s largest social network has teamed up with MTV to bring The Real World back to life. The once popular reality TV show will have a second coming. The company says that viewers will experience a “reimagined” version of the show on Facebook Watch.

Hulu Looking Into Creating ‘Skinnier’ Live TV Bundles

The way we consume our media content these days has changed. Back in the day if you wanted to watch live shows, you’d have to turn on the TV. However nowadays we are able to watch live streams on our computers, phones, tablets, and so on, which we imagine was one of the reasons Hulu started offering live TV bundles.

DC’s ‘The Flash’ Movie Delayed, Might Only Be Released In 2021

DC announced plans for a standalone The Flash movie several years ago, and the movie has been plagued with all kinds of problems since. Not only have we seen several directors drop out, but last year it was reported that the movie would have to be rewritten from scratch, thus delaying its release even further.

Winamp Expected To Return In All Of Its Glory In 2019

Back in the day before iTunes was as popular as it is, and before music streaming services like Spotify, Winamp pretty much ruled the scene as being the de facto music player if you listened to MP3s. Things have of course changed greatly over the years, where Winamp is now a distant but fond memory.

Apple Acquires Analytics Firm To Boost Apple Music Recommendations

Users picking and choosing their favorite music is a system that’s easy enough to make. All you need is to ensure that you have a big enough library to choose from. Recommending music on the other hand can be tricky, and this is an area that Spotify has excelled in where their playlists and song recommendations are one of the platform’s better features.

Netflix Kills Off Iron Fist After Two Seasons

When Netflix first announced Iron Fist, it was criticized for its choice of casting and the first season did little to appease the critics as many seemed to dislike the show. This is versus the other Marvel series launched on Netflix which had received pretty favorable reviews. However to Netflix and Marvel’s credit, Iron Fist’s second season was a huge improvement.

Black Panther’s Writer & Director Expected To Return For Sequel

Following the massive success that Black Panther had at the box office, a sequel was pretty much confirmed. Now the good news is that if you enjoyed the first movie, then expect its sequel to maintain the same tone (and hopefully success) as its predecessor because a report from The Hollywood Reporter has revealed that Ryan Coogler will return for the sequel.

Disney’s Acquisition Of Fox Expected To Close January 1, 2019

Given the rise in popularity of superhero movies lately, we’re sure that many were excited when Disney announced their plans to acquire Fox. The deal would also see some Marvel licenses returned to Disney, namely the X-Men, Fantastic Four, and Deadpool, where Disney had previously confirmed that they will be folded into the MCU.

Apple Could Bundle Original Content For Free For Device Owners

We know that Apple is gearing up to launch some kind of streaming service given all the shows that they seem to be trying to put together. However the big question is how will they distribute it? We can only assume that just like Apple Music, Apple will want to make it so that its video service is readily available to help reduce any hurdles that could hamper adoption.

James Gunn Moves To DC, Will Write Suicide Squad 2

James Gunn is the director best known for helping to write and direct Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy movies. However as some of you might have heard, Gunn has since been let go by Disney following controversial tweets that he made a decade ago, resulting in the third Guardians of the Galaxy movie being put on hold.