suicide squad

Suicide Squad was one of the most highly anticipated movies of this year but prior to its opening weekend the movie received some harsh reviews from critics. Many believed that the sentiment would express itself in ticket sales as well but Suicide Squad had a record breaking opening weekend but it appears that was largely made possible by the incredible fan community of these comic book characters. Latest figures show that Suicide Squad’s ticket sales at the box office have plunged 79.4 percent.

The movie raked in $64.8 million on opening Friday but just one week later it managed to bring in just $13.35 million on its second Friday, as per the numbers reported by Box Office Mojo.

This plunge in ticket sales at the box office is likely to remind movie buffs of the plunge that Batman v Superman saw in its second week. That movie also set a big opening record but ended up crashing in the second week.

This doesn’t mean that Suicide Squad is a flop. It has already made more than $194 million in the United States against a budget of $175 million and that’s not taking into account the $191.5 million made globally.

However, it goes to show that these movies have limited appeal and that becomes evidence after the opening week in which all of the fans rush to watch the movie and later relatively low interest is shown by cinemagoers who are not familiar with the concept or with the comic book characters.

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