3d-print-cartilageWe know that 3D printing is more than just a novel piece of tech used to create toys and figurines on the spot. In the past we have seen how the technology can also in the medical field where bones and cartilage can be 3D printed when needed. Now it seems that over in Australia, the Queensland University of Technology will be building a dedicated biofabrication space where 3D tissue printing can be done on the spot within a hospital.


According to Australian Minister of Health Cameron Dick, “It will be the first time a biomanufacturing institute will be co-located with a high-level hospital. Our vision for healthcare is that the biofabrication institute will pave the way for 3D printers to sit in operating theaters, ready to print tissue as needed, in our hospitals of the future.”

Basically the idea is that because of the proximity of the lab from the hospital, it could eventually get to the point where instead of waiting around, bones or cartilage could be created on the spot. It could also be used to replace current methods of implants where instead of metallic implants, these 3D printed tissues could be made from high-spec composite materials that could dissolve over time as the tissue heals.

Associate Professor Mia Woodruff said, “We are not going to be able to 3D print an organ tomorrow but what we are able to do is bring together the researchers, the clinicians, the patients, the engineers, the intellect and industry partners to be able for us to develop new technology to the level where it can be translated into the clinic.”

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