What do you do if you want to Instagram more than one photo? You can either create a collage but that won’t work if you want each picture to be seen in its true glory so the only option is to spam your followers with multiple posts. Instagram actually created the solution to this problem almost two years ago when it started allowing multiple photos and videos to be uploaded to one post where they could then be viewed in a carousel. However, the company limited this feature to its advertisers only. It did say back then that this feature will eventually be released for all users and after almost two years it has decided to make the carousel feature available to all.

“With this update, you no longer have to choose the single best photo or video from an experience you want to remember,” the Facebook-owned company says in the blog post. Users can now combine up to ten photos and videos in a single post. They can swipe through them to view them all in a carousel. Users will see a new icon when uploading to their feed.

They need to tap on it and can then select multiple photos and videos. Interactions like tap, hold, and drag can be used to change the order of photos and videos in the carousel. The photos can either be edited as a group or individually.

Instagram does mention that these posts have a single-caption and are square-only for now, all likes and comments will be grouped for the one post as well. The carousel feature is included as part of the latest Instagram version 10.9 for iOS and Android. It’s going to roll out for all users globally over the next few days.

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