It is widely expected that eventually USB-C will become the new standard as far as ports are concerned. The rest is because not only are they reversible, but they also wear many hats in the sense that they can be more than just a connector for one particular type of peripheral. Ultimately this reduces the number of cables users need, and the ports a computer needs.

Unfortunately for now many accessories and accessory makers are still putting out devices that don’t use USB-C, which means that users will either need adapters or dongles to get their devices to work. If you’re looking for a USB-C hub, then you’ll be pleased to learn that Satechi has announced its latest offering in the form of the Pro Hub.

As you can see in the photo above, the Pro Hub will connect to laptops via the USB-C port and in turn offer up a number of various ports. This includes USB-C ports in case you do want to use the connection, USB-A ports, HDMI video output, Thunderbolt 3, and there are also built-in microSD and SD card readers.

While this should be fine for use with any laptop, it is clear that Satechi is aiming this accessory at MacBook Pro users, where the late 2016 MacBook Pro models were launched with just USB-C ports. Unfortunately the Satechi Pro Hub doesn’t come cheap and is priced at $100 and will be available in silver and grey.

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