In the past we have heard how Facebook had tried and failed to acquire Snapchat. As a result, we’re seeing how Facebook is instead trying to introduce features to its various products and services that mimic some of Snapchat’s features. Instagram’s Story feature is a pretty obvious one.

Unsurprisingly Snapchat isn’t too thrilled about others copying their features, and in the future it looks like the company will be making it harder for the competition to copy them. How will this do this? According to a report from Bloomberg, Snapchat has recently acquired a Swiss company called Strong.Codes which is a company that specializes in protection against reverse engineering.

This means that should a competition try to dismantle its software to figure out how exactly Snapchat got a particular feature to work, this protection should prevent that from happening. However this isn’t to say that Facebook had hacked Snapchat’s app in order to figure out the feature, since sometimes it isn’t exactly how the feature is executed, but rather the idea behind it.

That being said, we guess we can’t really blame Snapchat for trying to protect itself against those who might be trying to copy them, and this acquisition should make things harder in the future.

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