When you think of attending an event that requires you to buy tickets, we wouldn’t be surprised if Ticketmaster were a platform that comes to mind. After all the company has been in operation for a very long time and has become more or less the default platform that people turn to for their ticketing needs.


However it seems that Amazon won’t let Ticketmaster monopolize the market. In a report from Reuters, the publication has heard from their sources that Amazon is apparently seeking to partner up with various venue owners in the US in hopes that they will allow them to sell event tickets on their behalf, which could basically be encroaching into Ticketmaster’s territory.

As Reuters points out, Amazon’s foray into ticketing isn’t new and in fact the company has been selling tickets to West End shows in the UK since 2015, and in some cases they have even managed to outsell Ticketmaster for certain events, although it seems that this is because the UK market isn’t used to having an exclusive ticketing seller, versus the US where customers might already be set in their ways and habits.

However Amazon does have an advantage in the sense that it already has a huge customer base, plus they could possibly tie the ticket sales in with their Prime memberships where perks or discounts could be offered to Prime members (we’re speculating), but either way take it with a grain of salt, but how do you guys feel about potentially buying tickets from Amazon in the future?

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