Why do people use ad blockers? We’re sure that most people do not have an issue with websites earning money for providing a free service, but when that website is filled with ads that popup or play music or videos from ads suddenly without warning, it can be extremely annoying, which is why some people use ad blockers to begin with.

Now it seems that Google is furthering their efforts at cracking down on bad ads, and will now actually inform websites if their ads are deemed to be annoying. According to Google, “To help these publishers improve their ads experiences, we review sites daily and record videos of the ad experiences that have been found non-compliant with the Better Ads Standards.”

“If a site is in a “failing” or “warning” state, their Ad Experience Report will include these visuals, along with information about the Better Ad Standards and how the issues may impact their site. Over the next few weeks we’ll begin notifying sites with issues.” Basically Google will be helping out publishers so that they can do something about it. Whether or not they will remains is entirely up to them.

However it is possible that in the future builds of Chrome, Google will start to automatically block ads that do not meet a certain standard, like recently where Google has decided to kill off vibrating ads when using Chrome on your mobile device.

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