Apple didn’t announce any new tablets at its event yesterday. It actually made no iPad-related announcements at the event. However, the company did raise prices for the iPad Pro quietly. This was discovered earlier today. The iPad Pro prices for some models have been raised by around $50.


Apple has quietly made the iPad Pro more expensive. The 256GB and 512GB models of the tablet have seen a price increase of $50 each. Apple launched the 10.5 inch Wi-Fi models of these tablets for $749 and $949 respectively earlier this year in June. You’ll now have to pay $799 and $999 for the same iPads.

The price increase isn’t just limited to the Wi-Fi only models. Apple has also made the cellular models more expensive as well. They previously cost $879 and $1,079 and will now be sold for $929 and $1,129 respectively.

Apple has not provided any reasoning for this quiet price increase but as it stands now if you want to buy an iPad Pro, this is what you’ll have to pay for it. The price increase has also been applied in other markets like Australia and Europe.

iPad customers who could buy the same tablets for less yesterday will now have to pay $50 more for the very same models starting today. They’re immediately available for purchase at the new price from Apple online and its retail stores.

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