New iPad Pro Predicted To Switch From Lightning To USB-C

Apple has been pretty consistent with using proprietary connectors on its mobile devices. All of its smartphones and tablets come with the Lightning connector now even though USB-C is increasingly becoming the standard of choice for all other manufacturers. A new prediction spells out something that would be difficult to believe for many Apple fans, it claims that the upcoming iPad Pro will switch from Lightning to USB-C.

Alleged iPad Pro Render Reveals Brand New Design

According to the rumors, Apple is expected to refresh the iPad Pro lineup later this year. For the most part Apple’s iPads haven’t really undergone heavy redesign. They have been slimmed down, given new color options, increased in display size, but for the most part it is still easily identifiable as an iPad.

Alleged iPad Pro Case Reveals Mysterious Cutout

Apple is expected to launch new iPad Pros later this year as part of the company’s annual refresh. There have been talks about Apple potentially applying the iPhone X’s design to the tablet, and now thanks to a photo uploaded onto Slashleaks (via MacRumors) by Dimitri12, it shows an alleged case for the iPad Pro with a mysterious pill-shaped cutout.

iOS 12 Beta Hints At iPad With Rounded Displays

Unlike Apple’s iPhones, the design evolution of the iPad has been more subtle where the changes made weren’t too drastic over the years. However given the direction that the iPhone seems to be headed at in terms of design, it wouldn’t be surprising if the iPad were to head that way as well.


New iPad Pro Lineup Might Ditch The Headphone Jack

Ever since Apple ditched the standard 3.5mm headphone jack on recent iPhone models there has been speculation that the company will do this for its other mobile devices as well. A new report has surfaced which claims that the upcoming iPad Pro lineup is not only going to be slightly smaller than its predecessor but will also ditch the 3.5mm headphone jack.

Apple Reportedly Developing An 11 Inch iPad Pro

There have been a lot of conflicting reports recently about new iPads from Apple. The company is due to launch new tablets in the near future and the latest report out of Taiwan suggests that it’s working on an 11 inch iPad Pro model. The company is expected to launch this 11 inch model alongside the updated 12.9 inch iPad Pro in the coming weeks, possibly before its Worldwide Developers […]

New iPad Pros With Face ID Could Arrive Next Quarter

Recent reports have suggested that Apple has a couple of new tablets in the pipeline which it’s going to launch in the not too distant future. These new iPads are expected to feature the Face ID technology that the company introduced with the iPhone X last year. An analyst claims that the new iPad Pro models might soon enter mass production but they’ll only be released to customers in the […]

New Apple Pencil In The Works, According To Analyst

We’re sure many rolled their eyes when Apple announced the Apple Pencil a couple of years ago. On the surface it seemed like a stylus that Apple had rebranded, but upon its release, many have since found it to be an invaluable companion and a must-have accessory for the iPad Pro.

ZAGG Unveils Rugged Book Wireless Keyboard For The iPad

If you’re looking for a keyboard to go along with your iPad, there are several options available to you. You could opt to go with Apple’s own Smart Keyboard accessory, or the Bluetooth Magic Keyboard, or alternatively you could opt for a third-party option, such as ZAGG who has recently announced the Rugged Book Wireless Keyboard case for the iPad.

2018’s iPad Pro Rumored To Feature Octa-Core A11X Bionic Processor

For the most part, Apple’s iPads have largely kept the same form factor for several generations now, save for the 10.5-inch iPad Pro which was launched earlier this year with slight design changes where its bezels were slightly thinner, but otherwise it still looks and feels very much like an iPad.

iPad Pro May Get Face ID Next Year

Face ID is what Apple is calling the facial recognition feature on the iPhone X. It’s powered by depth-sensing cameras and powerful sensors that help control access to the device. While the iPhone X is yet to hit the market, there are already reports about the next device from Apple that might feature this technology. According to the report, the iPad Pro is going to get Face ID next year.

iPad Pro Prices Quietly Raised By Apple

Apple didn’t announce any new tablets at its event yesterday. It actually made no iPad-related announcements at the event. However, the company did raise prices for the iPad Pro quietly. This was discovered earlier today. The iPad Pro prices for some models have been raised by around $50.

Apple Promises More Smart Connector Products Are Coming

Apple has typically relied on its Lightning port and connector for its accessories, but with the iPad Pro, Apple actually introduced a new method of connectivity in the form of the Smart Connector. However despite the introduction of the new connector, there aren’t many accessories available for it.

Students Get Free Beats Headphones On MacBook And iPad Purchase

There are still a couple of months before school starts again. Many students will be looking to upgrade their tech before they head off to school again. No wonder we’re seeing computer companies come out with their own promotions to capture new customers. While Apple isn’t offering significant discounts on its products which tend to be quite sought after, the company is offering a pair of free Beats headphones.