Imagine you were to go onto YouTube and search for “iPhone 8 review”, chances are you will be presented with a bunch of videos that are similarly titled, but apart from the title and concept, the actual content will differ, so how do you know which video you should watch? That’s something the folks at Pornhub want to help users answer through the use of AI.


The company has recently announced that they will be applying computer vision to its videos in an attempt to automatically identify and tag the pornstars that appear in them. Prior to this, users had to manually tag pornstars in the videos, but using the new AI model, Pornhub has fed it thousands of videos and photos to help it learn who is who in an attempt to identify them and tag them.

Users will also be asked to validate these findings to help the AI get better at identifying the performer in those videos. However that’s not all because within the next year or so, Pornhub is also expected to use its AI to scan all the videos on its platform where it will know if a video has been shot outside and tag/categorize it appropriately, or if the performer has blonde hair so that they know to categorize it under “Blonde”, and so on.

While perhaps not exactly the “grand” or more “noble” use of AI, it is certainly an interesting application all the same.

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