As you might have heard, Sprint and T-Mobile are apparently working towards merging together. It was previously reported that the merger, or at least plans for the merger, could be announced later this month. However according to a report from Bloomberg, it seems that the merger’s announcement could be delayed to November. Read full post →Sprint, T-Mobile Merger Might Only Be Announced In November

Different countries have different rules and regulations, so what might be legal and allowed in one country might not be in another country. Take for example VPN apps which used to be widely available in the iTunes App Store in China, but in recent times have been removed following China’s new law that requires such apps to be approved by the government first. Read full post →Tim Cook Questioned Over Apple’s Removal Of VPN Apps In China

Bug bounty programs aren’t new and usually most companies have something similar in place where rewards are offered to users, developers, and/or hackers who discover a bug or a security flaw in their services or software. The amount will range depending on the severity of the bug found. Read full post →Google Launches Bug Bounty Program For Third-Party Android Apps

If you’re hoping to get your hands on the iPhone X come 3rd of November, you might have heard reports that Apple is facing some supply issues and that there might not be many units available at the start. This seems to be further reinforced by analyst firm KGI Securities who indicates that Apple will have about 3 million iPhone X units at launch. Read full post →3 Million iPhone X Units Expected To Be Available At Launch

Facebook definitely wants to be more than just a place where you connect with your friends and family. We’ve seen the company explore various new features and services, and earlier this year there was a report that Facebook was testing out a new “Explore Feed” feature which as its name suggests, lets users find new posts that Facebook thinks they might be interested in. Read full post →Facebook’s ‘Explore Feed’ Feature Is Now Rolling Out To Users

If there is one reason Amazon’s Alexa has made so much headway compared to the competition from the likes of Apple or Google, it is because pretty much right from the start, Amazon made Alexa open to third-party developers and manufacturers, thus allowing many to take advantage of Alexa’s features from the get-go. Read full post →Ultimate Ears BLAST & MEGABLAST Alexa-Powered Speakers Announced

The range on electric vehicles these days have definitely come a long way from what they used to be back in the day. However for the most part it’s hard to beat a gas-powered car in terms of range, and also in terms of how quick and easy it is to refuel a gas car compared to an electric car. Read full post →The UK Could Force Petrol Stations To Install EV Chargers

So what makes a television program or a movie successful? Or rather how do studios determine whether or not a brand new movie or TV show idea is worth investing in? There are many factors that are taken into consideration, but it seems over at the BBC, they are looking to use AI to help improve on their programming. Read full post →BBC To Use Artificial Intelligence To Improve Its Programming

Earlier this year with many wondering about the fate of the Mac Pro and Apple’s commitment to the “pro” user, Apple responded by launching the iMac Pro. This is basically an iMac but with some pretty impressive hardware specs that are aimed towards pro users who might need a powerful computer but in a slimmer package. Read full post →Alleged iMac Pro Benchmarks Are Pretty Impressive

There have been multiple reports to suggest that Apple’s iPhone 8 isn’t doing as well as its predecessors, and recently Canadian carrier Rogers seems to agree with that assessment. According to the carrier’s CEO Joe Natale, he claims that demand for the iPhone 8 has been “anemic”. Read full post →Rogers CEO Says iPhone 8 Demand Has Been ‘Anemic’