zelda breath of the wild 10When Nintendo officially revealed some additional details about the Switch last week, one of those details they revealed was the amount of storage that the console would come with. Unlike the PS4 or Xbox One, the Switch does not pack 500GB or 1TB of native storage. Instead we are looking at 32GB. Read full post →The Legend of Zelda: Breath Of The Wild Is A 13.4GB Download

nintendo-switch-2With the launch of the Wii and Wii U, Nintendo included some games that basically demonstrated the console’s capabilities, and they have proven to be huge successes in their own rights, especially at parties where Wii Sports is incredibly fun to play. Unfortunately with the Switch, Nintendo has decided that they will not be including any games. Read full post →Nintendo Switch’s $300 Price Is The Reason There Are No Bundled Games

gabe-newellHave you ever wanted to ask Valve’s co-founder and president Gabe Newell what’s up with Half-Life 3? If you did, you’re probably not alone, and you’re also probably not going to be alone when it comes to that question because it has been announced tomorrow, Newell will be hosting a Reddit AMA session. Read full post →Valve’s Gabe Newell To Host Reddit AMA Session Tomorrow

super-mario-run-loads-of-coinsIf you’ve played Super Mario Run, you know that the coins you collect can be used towards building up your kingdom. Now if you’re running low on coins or if you’d like to stockpile your coins, you might be interested to learn that Nintendo has launched a limited time event for the game. Read full post →Super Mario Run Gets ‘Loads of Coins’ Limited Time Event

atari_wearableLast year you might have recalled that Atari announced their plans to return to the hardware scene. The company did not dive into details but stated that they were going to create smart home gadgets that rely on IoT technology, and it seems that we could soon be seeing the fruits of their labor. Read full post →Atari Teases Gaming Wearable For Your Wrist

It has been confirmed that The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild will be launched alongside the Nintendo Switch. The game will also be finding its way onto the Wii U, so gamers who don’t plan on upgrading to the Switch will still be able to get in on the action. So the question is, with the difference in hardware, how will the game look? Read full post →Zelda ‘Breath Of The Wild’ Nintendo Switch VS Wii U

borderlandsNintendo’s consoles have typically gotten a bit of a reputation over the years as being a console in which many triple A titles are not available for it. Will the Nintendo Switch change that? We guess it remains to be seen as it has yet to be released, but for now it seems that it can be confirmed that Gearbox’s Borderlands 3 will not be available for it. Read full post →Borderlands 3 Will Not Be Arriving For The Nintendo Switch

nintendo-switch-4With the Nintendo Switch being marketed as a home console that also offers up portable gameplay, many have wondered if this could mean that the company could be looking to discontinue the Nintendo 3DS handheld console. After all why would gamers need two consoles if one already does the job of both, right? Read full post →Nintendo Switch And 3DS To Exist Side-By-Side

inflatable-xbox-controller-1So last year, Microsoft unveiled the Xbox Onesie which was basically a one piece clothing themed around the Xbox. It was a fun concept and idea and had a limited run. Turns out Microsoft isn’t quite done with its fun and weird Xbox products yet because Microsoft Australia has announced the Xbox Inflatable. Read full post →Microsoft Australia Unveils The Xbox Inflatable

apple-macbook-pro-2The max amount of RAM that you can stuff in Apple’s new MacBook Pros is 16GB. The reason behind this, according to Apple’s Phil Schiller, is that more RAM could lead to poorer battery life. The good news is that if you are after 32GB of RAM, that option could be made available later this year. Read full post →32GB RAM MacBook Pro Could Be Limited To 15-inch Model