When Nintendo first launched ARMS, the game came with a decently-sized roster, although with subsequent updates released, Nintendo has introduced a bunch of new characters to the game, with the latest release coming just last month. However it looks like Nintendo isn’t quite done with their updates yet. Read full post →ARMS 5.0 Update Expected By End Of Year With New Character

Smartphones with broken/cracked displays is probably one of the more common accidents that happen, although smartphone makers have been trying to make up for it by using glass that is sturdier and less prone to cracking. However despite their best attempts, cracks still happen, but that could change in the future thanks to researchers in Japan. Read full post →Researchers In Japan Develop Glass That Can Heal Itself

The Nintendo Switch is less than a year old, but last we heard, Nintendo was boasting that the console had managed to sell 10 million units worldwide, putting it well on track to beating the Wii U’s lifetime sales within a year. In fact the Switch’s success seems to be something that even Nintendo could not have predicted. Read full post →Nintendo Says Switch Sales Are ‘Unprecedented’ For The Company

In order for Face ID to work on the iPhone X, Apple had to create a pretty complex setup that they are calling TrueDepth, which is basically an array of cameras and sensors that effectively help to map the user’s face properly in order to authenticate them. This is also used in the Animoji feature, but now it looks we have another use for the TrueDepth system. Read full post →Rainbrow Is An iPhone X Game That Leverages The TrueDepth Camera

When you think of robotic wheelchairs, you might think of wheelchairs that come with a control by its side that lets the user steer their chair to whatever direction they want, but for the most part despite how hi-tech a wheelchair can be, the way users sit in it has never really changed, at least until now. Read full post →The Rodem Robotic Wheelchair Is Not Like The Others

CES is just around the corner and if you’re hoping to see some new phones at the event, your wish could come true. According to a report from Korean publication ETNews, they are claiming that both Samsung and LG are expected to introduce new phones at the upcoming event, although there is a chance it might not be flagship-material. Read full post →Samsung, LG To Announce New Phones At CES 2018

Last month Grammarly rolled out its keyboard for iOS devices, and for Android users who were looking forward to using it as well, the good news is that Grammarly’s keyboard app is now available on Android as well and can be downloaded for free via the Google Play Store if that’s something you’re interested in. Read full post →Grammarly Keyboard Now Available For Android Devices

With the holidays coming up on us, it looks like Instagram is in the mood for some celebration as the company has announced that they will be rolling out a bunch of creative tools to help celebrate the holidays. This comes in the form of new Super Zoom effects, new Face Filters, Stickers, and Color filters. Read full post →Instagram Rolls Out New Festive Tools For The Holidays

Google Maps can give users directions based on their method of commute. Since walking, cycling, public transport, and driving all use different roads (it wouldn’t be advisable to walk along the highway, or it wouldn’t be efficient to use the same route that a bus might take), Google Maps gives users those options when trying to map out a route for users. Read full post →Google Assistant Can Give Directions Based On Your Method Of Commute

Last week Synaptics announced that they have begun mass producing its in-display fingerprint sensor, and that a “top 5” smartphone maker would be using their tech. The company did not name names, naturally, but this led to speculation that it could be Samsung given the company’s interest in the tech. Read full post →Vivo Will Be First To Use Synaptics’ In-Display Fingerprint Sensor