Samsung-4K-UHD-VR-displayIn the past it has been argued about the need for our phones to sport such high-resolution displays. After all at a certain point, our eyes are unable to tell the difference. For example could you really tell the difference between a QHD and a 4K smartphone display? We suppose if you were up close and personal, maybe you could tell the difference. Read full post →Samsung Shows Of 4K 5.5-inch Display Designed For VR

airport extremeIf you were thinking about picking up either the AirPort Extreme or Time Capsule from Apple, you might be out of luck because according to a report from MacRumors, it seems that Apple’s stores in the US are no longer stocking the devices. Apparently Apple had requested for all stores to send the units back. Read full post →AirPort Extreme, Time Capsule Out Of Stock At Apple Stores

tesla_model_x_1As Tesla has pointed out before, the Autopilot feature of their Model S cars is not meant to be a self-driving feature. If anything, we could just call it a smarter, more advanced version of cruise control, meaning that you still need to pay attention to what you’re doing and keep your hands on the wheel at all times. Read full post →Tesla Model S On Autopilot Crashes Into A Parked Van

amazon echoWith all the different voice assistants available in today’s market, we’re sure that many were skeptical about Amazon’s ability to create their own voice assistant when they launched the Echo speakers. Turns out that many were pleasantly surprised as Alexa proved to be responsive and very functional. Read full post →You Can Now Take Amazon’s Alexa For A Spin In Your Browser

omen-x-vr-packRecently HP unveiled a new series of gaming laptops under the Omen X branding, but apparently that’s not all the company has up their sleeves. It seems that HP is also working on a backpack PC that will allow gamers to play virtual reality on the go, or at the very least allow them to enjoy VR without having to be tethered to a stationary PC. Read full post →HP Unveils Omen Backpack PC For Mobile VR Gaming

jawbone-up-new-featuresIn the early days of fitness-related wearables, both Jawbone and Fitbit were competing head-to-head, but over time Fitbit pulled ahead leaving Jawbone behind. There have been reports that Jawbone isn’t doing so well, which is why it doesn’t come as a surprise to learn that they might have decided to stop production of their UP trackers. Read full post →Jawbone Reportedly Stops Production Of Their UP Fitness Trackers

xbox-one-hands-on-review-05From what we can tell, especially with the creation of the HoloLens, that Microsoft’s pursuit in reality is more augmented rather than virtual. However it is hard to ignore the fact that virtual reality seems to be the more favored tech at the moment, which is why it wasn’t surprising to learn that an earlier rumor indicated that the next-gen Xbox One would support the Oculus Rift. Read full post →Developer Seemingly Confirms VR Games Coming To Xbox One

asus_gtx_1080It was just earlier this month that the folks at NVIDIA took the wraps off their latest GPU, the GTX 1080 which not only offers up amazing performance, but at a price that makes it more accessible to gamers. Now as is the case with most GPUs, the decision to make the actual commercial versions will fall to NVIDIA’s partners. Read full post →ASUS Unveils The ROG Strix Geforce GTX 1080 GPU

Apart from the unique method getting around via freerunning, another aspect of the Mirror’s Edge game would be its combat, which offers up a slightly different experience compared to most first-person games involving guns, knives, swords, or magic. Recently a new video has been released which shows how creative one can get with combat in the upcoming Mirror’s Edge Catalyst. Read full post →New Mirror’s Edge Catalyst Video Shows Off The Game’s Combat

samsunglogoSamsung Pay, which has made significant inroads into a variety and range of countries – the world’s most populous country included, seems to have built up enough momentum to introduce Samsung Pay Mini. Word on the street has it that Samsung Pay Mini will in all probability arrive on the iOS and Android platforms this coming June, with the main focus of Samsung Pay Mini being that of online payments.

Read full post →Samsung Pay Mini Set For iOS And Android Launch In June