evolveBack in July, the developers at Turtle Rock Studios announced that the “Evolve” game would be going free-to-play. This was done to help combat the declining player base and for a while, it seemed to work and it was announced shortly after that the number of players playing the game had risen to 1 million. Read full post →Turtle Rock Announces They Will No Longer Be Supporting ‘Evolve’

nintendo-switchThe Nintendo Switch was unveiled last week and from what we gathered based on the preview trailer, the Switch is a tablet-like console that can also be attached to a dock if users want to play it on the big screen, but can be undocked and taken on the go if gamers prefer a more mobile experience. Read full post →Nintendo Switch Will Not Be Sold Without Its Dock

Post-it notes are incredibly handy, but in some ways they can also be seen as quite a waste of paper as sometimes they can be used rather thoughtlessly. However the good news is that the folks at Microsoft Research have created a digital Post-it note that will pretty much last forever thanks to its ability to recharge itself. Read full post →Microsoft Created A Digital Post-It That Will Never Die

netflix-punisherFollowing the rave reviews of Jon Bernthal’s performance as the Punisher in the second season of Daredevil, fans petitioned Netflix to give Bernthal his own Punisher TV series, in which Netflix seemed to be more than happy to oblige. Now according to an announcement on Marvel’s website, additional cast members for the series has been revealed. Read full post →Marvel Announces Additional Cast Members For Punisher TV Series

gta-online-bikersThe thing about multiplayer aspects about games is because you’re pretty much playing with new and different players all the time that every session is a different experience. This is versus single-player where once you’re done with the story and you’ve run through it a couple of times, that’s pretty much it. Read full post →Did Rockstar Scrap The GTA V Single-Player DLC In Favor Of GTA Online?

uncharted-4So we know that there is an Uncharted movie in the works, although the state of the movie was previously unknown. In 2015 it was reported that the movie’s release was pushed to 2017, but a report in 2016 suggested that maybe we shouldn’t hold our breaths. The good news is that it looks like things are back on track. Read full post →The Uncharted Movie Has Found Its Director

A little over a week ago Blizzard announced that the next major patch World of Warcraft would be released on the 25th of October. In case you haven’t fired up the game or if you haven’t been keeping track, you’ll be pleased to learn that Patch 7.1 for World of Warcraft is now live and available to gamers. Read full post →Patch 7.1 For World Of Warcraft Is Now Live

gadgetzan-hearthstoneIt has only been a couple of months since Blizzard’s last Hearthstone expansion, “One Night in Karazhan”, but it looks like the developer is gearing up for yet another expansion which could simply be called “Gadgetzan”, named after one of the towns in the World of Warcraft game which acts as a hub for both Alliance and Horde players. Read full post →Blizzard Teases Their Next Hearthstone Expansion

google-fiber-salt-lake-cityGiven that pretty much all of Google’s products and services require users to have some kind of internet connection, some of the company’s efforts at providing internet, such as Project Loon and Google Fiber make a lot of sense. However as far as Fiber is concerned, it seems that Google will be dialing back their efforts a bit. Read full post →Google Fiber Rollout Plans To Be ‘Paused’ In 10 Cities

tescoWhenever you buy something, there’s a good chance that you will be given a receipt. This receipt acts as a proof of purchase and also for those of you who do your own taxes and want to keep track of your spending. Unfortunately these receipts don’t last particularly long and tend to fade, which means that you’ll find yourself with a pile of wasted paper. Read full post →Tesco To Trial Paperless Receipts By Sending Them To Your Phone