Lenovo Cast is a small box that connects to the TV over HDMI in one hand, and receives dual-band WiFi signal on the other. It can accept image broadcasts from virtually any DLNA or Miracast-enabled devices (via ANYCAST), which means that a large number of smartphones can send media content to it.​

The concept is not new, and there are a number of players out there already. However, not all of them feature the dual-band option which may help with network congestion in some cases. It really depends on your local WiFi setup and neighborhood.

We discussed with Lenovo about some technical aspects of the device, such as range. Lenovo says that the maximum range is about 20 meters, but that latency will be reduced as you approach that distance (up to 2 seconds of latency at 20 meters). As you get closer, the latency will be negligible for video sharing and screen sharing purposes. Gaming is another matter, of course, but this is true for all such devices because the protocols were built for buffering and not for 2-way interaction.

It didn’t seem like Lenovo Cast can draw power from MHL HDMI ports (our sources are still checking on that), but it ships with a power adapter. Lenovo expects this to hit the market in the $50 price range.

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thinkpad 10At Lenovo Techworld 2015, Lenovo has revealed its updated ThinkPad 10, a Windows tablet which is rugged enough to pass MilSpecs (military grade ruggedness) certification. Designed for professional use, it comes with a fingerprint reader and support for TPM. There’s even a display filter accessory for added privacy if users would rather avoid prying eyes in the plane, shared office or coffee shop.​ Read full post →Lenovo ThinkPad 10 2015 Introduced At TechWorld 2015

DJI-Phantom-2GoPro is a company best known for their wearable cameras which have been designed to be rugged and used in action sports. They are also small and lightweight enough to the point where they can be mounted on drones and used to record footage while the drone is flying. However instead of being content just being a camera maker, GoPro wants to take things further.

The company’s CEO Nick Woodman recently revealed at the Code Conference that come 2016, GoPro will be looking to release their very own quadcopter. To be more specific, the company will be releasing the drone in the first half of the year. In some ways the idea of launching a drone makes sense especially when you consider there are drones out there that already mount GoPro cameras. Read full post →GoPro To Release Their Own Quadcopter In 2016

tango-play-storeIf you’ve always been curious about Google’s Project Tango and have been looking to give it a try, you can now do so. It seems that Google has recently put the device up for sale where it is priced at $512 and the best part of it is that you will not be required to have an invitation in order to purchase it.

Despite the invitation-free purchase, Google does state on the page that the kit is intended for developers as it probably isn’t ready for primetime just yet, but like we said if you have some ideas for it or if you’re just curious as to what Google might be up to with the device and how far along they’ve progressed, head on over to the Google Play Store for the details. Read full post →Google Begins Selling Project Tango, No Invitations Required

os-x-yosemiteIf you’re using an Apple computer running on OS X Yosemite and you have not had any issue with WiFi, consider yourself lucky. There have been many complaints about WiFi connectivity issues in OS X Yosemite ever since it was released last year. In fact Apple has attempted to fix the problem through updates.

However it is clear that even until today despite the fixes, the problems persist and oddly enough even with the issue of the problem being public knowledge, Apple has yet to swiftly work on it. Thankfully it looks like the issue has finally been resolved in the beta of OS X 10.10.4 that was recently released to developers. Read full post →Apple Finally Address Yosemite Wifi Problem In Latest Beta

lenovo-reachitIn Beijing, Lenovo has announced REACHit, a new content indexing product that will connect exclusively to Cortana to help users find their content using natural language such as “what is the file I updated last week at Startbucks?”.

It has happened to nearly everyone: we quickly edit a file, take a photo, save a movie, download a file – and we can’t remember its name of where it was saved. And it’s fair to say that without knowing the file’s name, things can get frustrating quickly. Read full post →Lenovo REACHit Takes Cortana Content Search To New Heights

fitbit-charge-statementWhen we think of fitness wearables, there is a good chance you might be thinking of brands such as Jawbone or Fitbit. Both companies are considered to be rivals in the fitness wearables space and it looks like Jawbone is unhappy with the way Fitbit has been conducting themselves. The company has recently filed a lawsuit against Fitbit, claiming that they have been poaching Jawbone’s employees.

At the same time, they are also claiming that these employees brought over sensitive company materials over to their competitor. Jawbone goes as far as saying that Fitbit has “systematically” plundered confidential material over the years, and has put into place “clandestine efforts” in which they would then “steal talent, trade secrets and intellectual property.” Read full post →Jawbone Accuses Fitbit Of Employee Poaching

iOS-7-Messages-005Earlier today we reported on this weird Messages bug on iOS in which if a user receives a particular message from someone else, it will cause the app to crash continuously or reboot instantly without warning. It’s not exactly a “dangerous” bug per se, but it does sound like an annoying one.

Thankfully Apple has since acknowledged the issue and appears to be working on a fix for it which we’re hoping will be pushed out soon. In a statement issued to NBC, an Apple spokesperson was quoted as saying, “We are aware of an iMessage issue caused by a specific series of unicode characters and we will make a fix available in a software update.” Read full post →Apple Acknowledged Messages Bug, Working To Fix It

occulus-vr-dk2-003As you might have heard, an announcement from Oculus VR has revealed that the consumer version of the Oculus Rift will be released in Q1 2016. Sounds good, doesn’t it? However the question still remains and that is how much will the Oculus Rift cost? It has been speculated that it could cost a few hundred dollars, but recently the company’s CEO Brendan Iribe revealed that it would cost a whopping $1,500.

Now before you freak out and wondering why on earth does it cost so much, relax! Iribe revealed the price during the Code Conference today and stated that this was the “all-in” price of the device. What this means is that he expects that the headset along with the price of a gaming PC should set customers back around $1,500. Read full post →The Oculus Rift Will Cost $1,500 “All-In”

apple-pay-002While Apple Pay is currently accepted by many retailers across the US, apart from the convenience there’s no real reason to keep using the service. However according to a report by the New York Times, it seems that Apple could be planning on announcing an Apple Pay Rewards program at WWDC 2015.

The idea of the program is simple and it is similar to other rewards programs. Basically if customers were to keep returning to the same store and keep using Apple Pay, they will be afforded perks and benefits for doing so. Unfortunately the details about the rewards program was not revealed, but we can only assume it could come in the form of points, discounts, freebies, and so on. Read full post →Apple Pay Rewards Program Will Be Announced At WWDC [Rumor]