As the rest of society gets even more hi-tech, we suppose it is inevitable that even religion catches up. For example at one point WeChat allowed users to pay for prayers, so we guess it isn’t surprising that the Church of England is now accept more modern payment methods like Apple Pay and Google Pay when it comes to receiving donations. Read full post →Apple Pay, Google Pay Now Accepted At The Church Of England

So far every year Activision has released a new Call of Duty game. This year it has already been confirmed that it will be Black Ops 4, but what about 2019? While it might be a bit early to think about it given that Black Ops 4 has yet to be officially revealed, it seems that we might already know what Activision has planned for 2019. Read full post →Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 4 Could Already Be In The Works

At the rate carriers are planning on rolling out 5G coverage, it probably won’t be too long until 5G starts becoming the new standard that replaces 4G LTE internet on our phones. However the next problem is the availability of 5G smartphones where there aren’t many, if any, options available at the moment. Read full post →Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Could Come With Support For 5G

Based on the success that OnePlus has been experiencing with their smartphones, it is expected that in the coming months the company will launch the OnePlus 6, the successor to last year’s OnePlus 5T. Now thanks to a leaked spec sheet, the alleged details of the upcoming phone have been revealed. Read full post →Alleged New OnePlus 6 Spec Sheet Leaked

Both the Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9+ have only just launched but it seems that there might be some issues with the hardware right out of the gate. According to multiple reports, it seems that there are quite a few Samsung customers who are experiencing dead spots on their touchscreen display. Read full post →Samsung To Look Into Galaxy S9, S9+ Touchscreen Dead Spots

Whether or not it will come to pass remains to be seen, but one of the fears behind developing artificial intelligence (AI) is that one day it might become sentient and overthrow humanity, much like in James Cameron’s Terminator. Now it looks like EA could be helping it along because they have created a self-learning AI that actually taught itself how to play Battlefield 1. Yup, now there exists an AI that knows how to shoot and strategizes. Read full post →EA Created An AI That Taught Itself How To Play Battlefiled 1

There are some parts of the world that don’t have access to clean, drinkable water and might also live in places that experience drought. However it looks like researchers at MIT might have the answer to that problem as they have field tested a device that has the ability to draw water from desert air. Read full post →Researchers Create Device That Can Harvest Water From Desert Air

According to the rumors and a bit of back and forth, it has been suggested by some that the upcoming Samsung Galaxy Note 9 will not feature an in-display fingerprint sensor. However according to a new report out of Korea (via SamMobile), it seems that might change as Samsung is now in the process of making a decision. Read full post →Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Might Come With An In-Display Fingerprint Sensor

In some parts of the world, clocking off work punctuality is the norm. However there are other parts of the world where staying past your regular work hours is not only expected, but also the norm where leaving on time, or at least before your boss leaves can almost be seen as a faux pas. Read full post →South Korea To Curb Overworking By Shutting Down Computers

DJI is a company that most people know as a drone maker, but it seems that the company is broadening their customer base and getting more into commercial projects. The company has recently announced that they have entered into a partnership with Japanese construction company Komatsu Smart Construction. Read full post →DJI To Supply 1,000 Custom Drones For A Construction Company