While Minecraft was probably created a simple open world game that let gamers build their own worlds and constructs, it eventually evolved and over time, it has become more than just a game. In fact educators have found that the game is pretty useful in the educational scene where it can teach children about science, technology, and even how to code!

That being said as powerful as the tool is, teachers must first know how to use it before they can use it to teach others, right? It’s like how teachers need to be educated on certain topics before they can teach them, so the same would apply here, so much so that Microsoft is actually launching a site dedicated to teachers to help them master the art of Minecraft. Read full post →Microsoft Launches Site To Help Teachers Master Minecraft

GreciaFor those who have been keeping up to date on world events, you probably know that at the moment, Greece is in some serious financial trouble and come Sunday, the country will vote in a national referendum to see if they will accept or reject austerity measures that will help keep the country financially solvent.

However what if the rest of the world could just chip in and pay Greece’s debt off? Wouldn’t that be a more straightforward and efficient solution? Well that’s one a man in London by the name of Thom Feeney is trying to do when he launched an Indiegogo campaign in which he is trying to raise a whopping 1.6 billion euros that could potentially save the country. Read full post →Man Launches Crowdfunding Campaign To Bail Greece Out

phone roamingGiven that the countries who fall under the EU banner share the continent and currency, it seems that what they don’t share is a standard telco rate. This means that if you were to travel within Europe, you could face roaming charges despite coming from one of the countries in Europe.

It sounds ridiculous but we suppose it makes good business sense, but back in 2013, the EU Commission planned to drop roaming charges. The initial plan was to drop it by 2016 but a report from earlier this year suggested 2018, but it looks like we now have an official date, which according to the EU Commission (via Engadget) has been set for the 15th of June 2017. Read full post →Europe Will Scrap Roaming Charges Come June 2017


The Galaxy S6 appears to have done wonders for Android’s position in the United States as well as handing back lead of the market to Samsung. Latest smartphone sales data from Kantar Worldpanel ComTech for three months ending May 2015 shows that Android’s market share in the country increased by 2.8 percentage points to 64.9 percent aided in part by the first full month of sales of the Galaxy S6.

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Investors have recently been pressuring Qualcomm to spin off its chip business, citing increasing competition in the industry as one of the reasons why the company needs to do this but so far they have not been able to convince Qualcomm. The U.S. based chipmaker’s executive chairman Paul Jacobs has said today that despite all that pressure from investors Qualcomm currently has no plans to spin off its chip business.

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Even though Google released Android 5.0 Lollipop late last year the software has not yet made it to quite a lot of Android devices, OEMs were initially focused on providing this update for many of their recent and high-end devices which is why others have had to wait for a long time. It’s the same story with HTC Desire Eye owners on AT&T but there’s good news for them, it has been confirmed that the Lollipop update for HTC Desire Eye will be released soon by AT&T.

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A rather interesting rumor has been making the rounds for a few hours, word on the street is that perhaps Microsoft has decided to give up on Windows Phone altogether and go with Android instead. It would warrant a major shift in its relationship with Google but the rumor mill seems to be adamant that this is going to happen, particularly because Windows Phone hasn’t seen any substantial growth and for Microsoft to boost its mobile business Android appears to be the only option.

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Sprint today announced that it is doing away with its $50 iPhone plan in favor of an all new plan that it calls “All-In,” the idea behind this plan is to be upfront with customers about the charges that they have to pay for the wireless service as well as the device cost. Sprint says it has decided to do this while competitors generally only advertise the price of the service and don’t mention the device cost.

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I’m sure this is a story that Motorola Droid Turbo owners have been anxiously looking forward to, they have had to wait for a considerably long time just to get a taste of Lollipop on their handsets. Previously the company was going to release Android 5.0 for this device but then it decided that the Droid Turbo will be upgraded directly to Android 5.1 but that meant more wait. It was reported a couple of weeks back that the release was near and today the company has finally started the soak test for the Android 5.1 update for Droid Turbo.

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apple musicApple Music will finally be launching today. Whether or not the service lives up to expectations remains to be seen, but safe to say that many are looking forward to it, especially iOS users who might be able to appreciate the fact that the service will sort of be like a native app on the iOS platform, thus giving Siri the ability to control it.

That being said, Apple Music has the ability to learn what you like. This is according to a report from Rolling Stone in which they claim that the service will be able to scan your music library collection to determine the kind of songs you listen to, in which it will then be able to offer up recommendations based on that. Read full post →Apple Music Will Scan Your Library To See What You Like