Netflix Taps Arrested Development Creator For More Shows

Arrested Development was a much loved TV show that couldn’t survive the pitfalls of broadcast television. It abruptly got the axe after season three ended, leaving fans hoping for a fourth season. Netflix brought their dreams to fruition by acquiring the rights and producing a fourth season under its original content arm. The online streaming service has now tapped Arrested Development creator Mitch Hurwitz to create and produce more original shows for Netflix.

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China Thinks Windows 8 Is ‘Expensive’ Windows XP has, at long last, arrived at the end of its support life earlier this month, but this does not mean that millions of other machines, homes, and organizations still make use of Windows XP as their operating system of choice. Some of them do not want to make the jump because they’re already so comfortable with the tried and true, while others shun the cost of upgrading. Yan Xiaohong, deputy director of China’s National Copyright Administration, has apparently ruled out plans for the Chinese government to make an upgrade to a newer version of Windows – that is, Windows 8, citing that the upgrade to Windows 8 would be “fairly expensive”.

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Siri Might Find Its Way Into The New Apple TV

It has been quite a while since Apple released a new set-top box. All rumors suggest that later this year the company will finally launch a brand new Apple TV, which is expected to bring some major changes. The set-top box isn’t expected until fall but already there are a lot of reports about what we can expect. A report published today reveals that iOS 7.1 SDK code contains references to Siri for Apple TV, corroborating rumors that the set-top box might come with a new input method.

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T Mobile To Offer Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 In The SummerT-Mobile has been doing their bit to offer a greater degree of freedom as well as choice to wireless consumers in the U.S., and in their latest announcement, it does seem as though the masses will be able to lay hold of the Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 later this summer from the Un-carrier.

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Ace Attorney 3DS Takes Place In Late 1800sFor those of you who own the Nintendo DS (and its subsequent variants), one of the games that are a “must have” would be the Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney series. Who would have thought that one would have to do that much reading in a game in order to complete it? Well, the Nintendo 3DS continues in such tradition with word of Ace Attorney 3DS making the cut on the portable console, where it will take place in Japan’s Meiji era in the late 1800s.

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Localytics: Samsung Galaxy S5 Is 0.7% Of All Android Powered SmartphonesIt has just been a week since the Samsung Galaxy S5 hit all of the major markets worldwide, and what a week it has been – the flagship smartphone from Samsung that is waterproof has managed to make up 0.7% of all Android-powered smartphones that are in the market already, thanks to its April 11th release across 125 countries around the world.

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Bing In Classroom Arrives At All U.S. SchoolsMicrosoft intends to do their bit in giving the next generation of kids a taste of the Bing search engine by offering the ad-free Bing for Schools search engine across all schools in the U.S. This would cover all eligible kindergarten to 12th grade schools, and it will happen right after the pilot stage of this program is completed, with the first run having occurred across five large public school districts.

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Google Street View Lets You Perform ‘Time Travel’If there is one thing that is certainly impossible at this point in time, it would be time travel, as the most brilliant brains around have yet to “crack” this particular “code” to have us turn back the clock and change history. Well, pseudo-time travel might be a possibility, thanks to the folks over at Google who allows you to see how a particular place has changed in time as you explore Street View imagery in Google Maps for desktop.

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Bloom Necklace for Misfit Shine Activity Tracker
While Nike is busy firing its wearable team, Misfit is still ramping up its product lineup. Shine is my favorite activity tracker band for three reasons: it is the most elegant to wear, it features an unbeatable battery life (months vs. days or week) and it is one of the most comfortable to wear. Additionally, it can be worn with various bands or necklaces and that’s the key when it comes to fashion and style: people need to be different and have endless choices.

When I met Misfits CEO Sonny Wu, he told me that the majority of wearable tech products are “designed by Silicon Valley engineers for Silicon Valley engineers” meaning that most current wearable devices are created with a pretty narrow sense of style and usability. Although I am amazed by the innovations in that field, I tend to agree with the statement.

Today, the company launched Bloom, an elegant stainless steel pendant decorated with delicate floral patterns. Bloom easily clips to your Shine, thanks to its magnetic body. The Bloom necklace is available today for $79.99, and you will be able to find it at BestBuy later this spring.

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OnePlus Marketing Stunt Asks The Public To Smash The PastThe OnePlus One handset has been officially announced and we’re sure based on its hardware specifications as well as the fact that the phone will come preinstalled with CyanogenMod that Android users are very interested in it. If there is one complaint that Android users have is that OEMs tend to add to own skin and themes to their phones, which in some cases are truly unnecessary and adds to a bad experience.

The OnePlus One aims to do away with that, thanks to CyanogenMod, and the good news is that if you had your eye on the handset, you might be interested to learn that the folks at OnePlus are pulling some kind of marketing stunt in which if you are willing to film yourself smashing your old phone to pieces, you will be able to pick up the brand new OnePlus One handset for only a dollar.
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