facebook-logo-likeOne of the issues Facebook is facing at the moment is dealing with fake news, in which the social media platform has been accused of allowing such articles to run rampant. The company has stated that they plan on banning fake news websites from its ad network in hopes that cutting off their revenue could discourage such websites. Read full post →Facebook Might Have An Answer To Their Fake News Problem

iphone-7-bottomOne of the rumored features of 2017’s iPhone is that Apple will finally be adopting AMOLED displays. Given how many iPhones Apple typically sells, it seems that quite a few smartphone makers over in China are worried that this could end up with Apple hogging all the displays for themselves, like they did with the fingerprint scanners. Read full post →Consortium Formed Over Fears Of Apple Monopolizing AMOLED

whatsapp-logo-newNot everyone sees the need to upgrade their phones every year, which means that for the most part, we upgrade our devices every couple of years for those on carrier contracts, or some might even hold out for longer like 3 years. However if for whatever reason you are still clinging onto your phone from 4 years ago or older, WhatsApp may soon stop working for your device. Read full post →WhatsApp Will Reportedly End Support For Older Devices By End Of 2016

amazon-echo-dotOne of surprising successes in recent times is the Amazon Echo, a speaker with Amazon’s AI assistant Alexa built into it. The device has been received pretty well and so far it seems that many users are reacting positively to it, so much so that it has since spawned various devices like the Amazon Tap and the Amazon Echo Dot. Read full post →Amazon & Intel Work Together To Bring Alexa To More Devices

foxconn-plantFoxconn is Apple’s main producer of the iPhone. The company is responsible for piecing together all of the various components and assembling them into the final product that many of us know and use everyday. So safe to say that employees at the company are pretty much surrounded by hundreds and thousands of iPhones on a daily basis. Read full post →Foxconn Exec Faces 10 Years In Jail For Stealing 5,700 iPhones

Image credit - iFixit

Image credit – iFixit

As you might have heard, Apple has launched a repair program for the iPhone 6s in which users are reporting that their phones are shutting down randomly. The repair program basically swaps out the old battery for a new one, but for those who want to know why exactly their iPhone 6s handsets have been shutting down at random, Apple has an answer for you. Read full post →Apple Explains Why The iPhone 6s Batteries Degrade Faster

lenovo-yoga-book--04Achieving efficient handwriting on a smartphone or tablet has been a dream of innovation teams around the world for decades, and Lenovo may have mastered it with its new Yoga Book.

The lightweight and ultra-thin Yoga Book is a 2-in-1 tablet that opens just like a book. On one side, you have the FHD 10.1-inch touch display and on the other side, there’s the virtual keyboard, dubbed the Halo Keyboard by Lenovo. With this super innovative computing machine, Lenovo re-invented the wheel for digital handwriting on a tablet, and here’s why: Read full post →Lenovo Yoga Book Review

Image credit - Sam Spicer/Peta Pixel

Image credit – Sam Spicer/Peta Pixel

Have you ever owned a piece of electronic equipment that was apparently so badly damaged that you have been told that it would be cheaper to just get a new one? Usually those are the excuses we hear from repair companies when it comes to computers or smartphones, and also for cameras, as photographer Sam Spicer had learnt recently. Read full post →Sony Thailand Repaired This Man’s ‘Condemned’ Camera For $120

A few years ago, researchers successfully managed to outfit a cockroach with a microcontroller in which it could be controlled to a certain extent to move along a desired path. However it seems that over in Singapore, engineers at the Nanyang Technological University have taken it to the next level with cyborg beetles. Read full post →Remotely Controlled Cyborg Beetles Could Be The Future

hulu-heroIt is expected that 4K will soon become the new standard resolution. We’re starting to see more 4K monitors and TV sets that are a good sight cheaper than what they used to be when they were first launched. Granted Full HD displays are still a lot cheaper, but owning a 4K monitor or TV will no longer cost you an arm and leg. Read full post →Hulu Has Started To Stream In 4K