iphone-upgrade-eligibleDespite Apple reporting a first time experiencing a decline in iPhone sales, the company is still moving a ton of products, just maybe not as much as it used to be. This is why it isn’t surprising to learn that Apple had no plans to reveal its launch weekend numbers, something that the company used to take great pride in. Read full post →iPhone 7 Year-Over-Year Sales On Launch Weekend Down 25%

sony-xperia-android-nougat-roadmap-640x431If you own an Android device that isn’t a Nexus, chances are you’re probably wondering when your phone will be updated to the latest version of Android, Android 7.0 Nougat. OEMs don’t usually reveal their update plans so early on, but the good news for Sony users is that we now have an idea of when the update will be released. Read full post →Leaked Presentation Slide Reveals Sony’s Android 7.0 Roadmap

yahoo-mail-fingerprintAs you might have heard, Yahoo has been hit with a massive data breach that supposedly compromised about 200 million user accounts. Now if you were quick enough to change the password to your Yahoo account, you might be pleased to learn that there are some added security measures added to the Yahoo Mail app. Read full post →Yahoo Mail For Android Adds Fingerprint Support

huawei-p9-review_12Leica is a brand known by photographers as being a high-end brand for cameras. Now the company has lent their name and brand to other camera manufacturers before, and earlier this year, they lent their name and expertise and technology to Huawei which resulted in the Huawei P9, a smartphone with a dual lens camera setup with Leica’s name on it. Read full post →Huawei & Leica Take Their Photography Partnership To The Next Level

galaxy-note-7-design_07-colors-frontAs you might have heard a couple of days ago, a recent flight from Chennai to Singapore encountered a bit of a scare when smoke began to pour out of the baggage bins, and it was discovered that a Samsung Galaxy Note 2 was the culprit. Now we know that this has nothing to do with the Galaxy Note 7, but the coincidence of the timing is very hard to ignore. Read full post →Indian Authorities To Ban Galaxy Note Series From All Flights

google logoThe idea of Google merging Android and Chrome OS into a single operating system isn’t new. In fact last year a report from The Wall Street Journal suggested that this is something that Google is working on and now according to a report from Android Police, that time has come as Google could be officially announcing the merger at their 4th of October event. Read full post →Google’s Android & Chrome OS Merger Could Be Announced October 4

Snapchat is probably a company and app that many of you guys are familiar with, even if you don’t use it. However recently the company has decided to undergo a bit of rebranding and has since changed their name to Snap Inc. In addition to the rebranding, the company has also unveiled a new product in the form of the Spectacles. Read full post →Snapchat Rebrands Itself To Snap, Unveils A Pair Of Smart Glasses

uber-ghost-driverIf you hire an Uber ride and cancel it, there will be a nominal fee that you’d have to pay to the driver for the inconvenience caused. This is normal, and obviously the idea is to make sure that customers are certain that they want the ride instead of simply hiring and wasting everyone’s time. Read full post →Uber Drivers In China Are ‘Scaring’ Passengers Out Of Their Money

android nougatCome 4th of October, Google is expected to unveil the new Pixel phones, or at least that’s what the rumors are saying. There is also talk that Google could have a new product in the form of a router called Google WiFi that they plan to announce as well, but could that be it? Maybe not, because a tweet by Android’s SVP has everyone in a frenzy. Read full post →SVP Of Android Teases Major Android Milestone At October 4 Event

fujifilm-gfx-50sWith many camera manufacturers creating full-frame systems, you have to wonder how come Fujifilm isn’t getting in on the action? However it seems that some hope might have been reignited when the company launched the GFX 50S, Fujifilm’s first medium format mirrorless camera, but unfortunately the company was quick to shoot down those hopes and dreams. Read full post →Fujifilm Still Doesn’t Have Plans For A Full-Frame System Yet