pinterest_shoppingThe difference between shopping on websites like Pinterest and Amazon is that the latter is more about recommending you items based on what you’ve shopped for in the past or products you’ve searched for before. Pinterest on the other hand feels like items have been handpicked, which we guess is true to a certain extent as users can share their Pins and items that they find interesting. Read full post →Pinterest Will Soon Let You Shop For Items By Snapping A Photo

codemoji Nowadays we are hearing the term “encryption” being tossed around a lot. For example recently it was discovered that Apple had shipped the latest beta of iOS 10 with an unencrypted kernel, and we’re sure some of you guys are wondering what the big deal is? Sure, some of you might have a rough idea of what encryption is, but if you wanted more in-depth knowledge, Mozilla is here to help. Read full post →Mozilla Creates A Game To Teach Users About Encryption

identify carsWith the number of things that are imported on a daily basis, it would not be humanly possible to check every single thing, which is why sometimes certain things slip through the cracks. Either that or smugglers have gotten smarter at hiding their illegal imports which could easily fool the human eye, which is where computers come in. Read full post →AI Could Potentially Be Used To Identify Smuggled Cars

imax private theatreWhen it comes to movies and going to the cinema, there are many moviegoers who are more than happy with the standard that is being offered. However there are some who swear by IMAX and will only watch movies in IMAX. If you fall into the latter camp, there is good news because you could have an IMAX theatre in your home one day. Read full post →IMAX Will Build A Theatre In Your Home For $400,000

evernotewebclientRecently Evernote announced that a feature that was limited to its paying customers would now be available to all users for free. Sounds good, right? However we have to wonder if it was a part of a larger plan because Evernote has just announced that they will be hiking up the prices for both its Plus and Premium tiers. Read full post →Evernote Announces An Increase In Price for Plus & Premium Users

redesigned like buttonIf you’ve noticed, you’ll realize that there are many sites (including ours) that have included Facebook “Like” buttons on their page. This is where users can “Like” the site’s Facebook page in general, or they can “Like” a particular post. In the past, the old design had the Facebook logo and the “Like” word written on it. Read full post →Facebook Redesigned It ‘Like’ Social Plugin Button

messaging everywhereWhen it comes to cross platform messaging apps, Apple has iMessage while Google has Hangouts. Microsoft was also planning something similar with Windows 10 with the “Messaging Everywhere” feature. It was originally planned to be released with the Windows 10 Anniversary update, but it seems that is no longer the case. Read full post →Microsoft Drops ‘Messaging Everywhere’ From Windows 10 Update

Apple-vs-RossApple getting sued from time to time over claims that they infringed upon a patent is pretty normal, and we suppose for a company that huge and resource-rich does make for a pretty tempting target. However it seems that the latest lawsuit could take the cake as a man from Florida by the name of Thomas S. Ross is asking for $10 billion in damages. Read full post →Man Sues Apple For $10bn Alleging iOS Devices Infringed On His Ideas

apple camera patentImagine putting on a performance for hundreds, if not thousands of fans, but instead of paying attention to your music and being in the moment, half of them have their phones whipped out and are snapping photos and taking videos just so that they can show their friends that they are there. It can be disheartening, which is why artists these days are taking steps to prevent that. Read full post →Apple Patent Could Prevent You From Taking Photos/Videos At A Concert

touchid-not-workingIn the past many iPhone users would complain about how their home button would stop working after maybe 1-2 years of use. Fast forward to today, the home buttons appear to be more sturdy but we guess because it is a moving part, the fear is still there. The good news is that your fears could soon go away. Read full post →iPhone 7’s Home Button Will Be Force Touch [Rumor]