The Leica M-series of cameras is probably one of the company’s most iconic lineups, which might explain why they have kept the Leica M7 around for as long as they did. Unfortunately all good things must eventually come to an end, as is the case with the M7 which has since been officially discontinued. Read full post →The Leica M7 Has Been Officially Discontinued

When Battlefield V was officially announced, many were surprised to see a female character represented so prominently in the game. It’s not a bad thing, it’s just that previous Battlefield games seem to predominantly feature male characters, so to see female characters so prominently featured was surprising. Read full post →Battlefield V’s Playable, Female Characters Are Here To Stay

Are you thinking about buying a MacBook Pro? If you are, you might have to hold off for a couple of weeks if you think you can wait. This is because there is a chance that the laptops are due for a refresh, as noted by Mac Observer who points out that the shipping dates are starting to slip for some of the existing models. Read full post →MacBook Pro Shipping Dates Start To Slip, Hints At Possible Refresh

Image credit – Yifat Cohen

Considering that quite a lot of Google’s products and services are free to use, one of the ways that the company makes its money is through ads. These ads appear all over the place, such as in search results, inside of Gmail, in YouTube, and so on. Now it looks like those ads are starting to show up on Google Feed as well. Read full post →Google Confirms They Are Testing Ads In Google Feed

Bounty hunter Boba Fett might not have gotten a lot of lines or screentime in the Star Wars movies, but yet he has become of the more beloved characters from the series. So much so that it seems that he will be getting his own standalone movie, according to a report from The Hollywood Reporter. Read full post →Boba Fett Movie Is Reportedly In The Works

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One of the popular features of Snapchat is its Stories which has since been copied by several applications, such as Instagram, Facebook, and WhatsApp, and so on. Now it looks like Airbnb will also be taking a page from Snapchat’s book by launching a Stories-like feature of their very own. Read full post →Airbnb Testing Snapchat-Like Stories For Its Users

Last year when Apple launched iOS 11, one of the major revamps that they did was to the iOS App Store, giving it a new layout and design which was said to help improve on app discovery. However the Mac App Store did not get such treatment, and admittedly given how long it’s been that way, we reckon it’s about time that it did. Read full post →Apple’s Mac App Store Could Be Getting A Redesign

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In recent times we’ve seen how YouTube has attempted to be more social, such as allowing creators to upload photos that lets their subscribers keep up to date on their ongoings. Not too long ago YouTube also rolled out an in-app messaging system for its mobile app, where users could message each other directly. Read full post →YouTube’s Direct Messaging Feature Now Available On The Web

If the rumors are to be believed, Apple could launch not one, not two, but three iPhones this year. One of the rumored iPhone models is that of a 6.1-inch model, which in a tweet by user Mr White, has been spotted for the first time in a leaked photo. The photo shows off what is allegedly the 6.1-inch iPhone X in the factory. Read full post →Alleged Photo Shows Off 6.1-inch iPhone X

When it comes to watching music videos online, Vevo probably comes to mind. The company’s service is available across multiple platforms, such as YouTube, mobile, smart TVs, and so on. However in an announcement by the company, it seems that they will be shutting down across all platforms except for YouTube. Read full post →Vevo Shuts Down Its App On All Platforms Except For YouTube