Tesla has initiated a recall of almost all Cybertrucks sold thus far after receiving reports of accelerator pedal malfunctions leading to unintended acceleration. The recall affects 3,878 vehicles manufactured between November 13 and April 4. This action comes in response to complaints regarding the accelerator pedal sticking at “full throttle” due to a change in the manufacturing process, where soap was used as a lubricant without proper approval.

According to the US National Highway Traffic Safety Association (NHTSA), this issue poses a risk of collision, although Tesla assures that a fail-safe mechanism allows the brake to override the accelerator and stop the vehicle.

Although no crashes, injuries, or fatalities have been reported due to this problem, Tesla temporarily halted Cybertruck deliveries in early April to address the issue. Deliveries have now resumed with a newly designed accelerator pedal. Owners of the affected Cybertrucks are required to visit a service center for a complimentary repair.


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The Cybertruck has faced criticism since its 2019 unveiling, with some labeling it as “ridiculous” and “dystopian.” Additionally, owners have reported concerns about rust and the absence of pinch sensors in the doors, potentially leading to injuries.

Tesla faced another recall at the end of the previous year for its Autopilot system in most of its vehicles, but this issue has been resolved through a software update.

Overall, Tesla’s recall of the Cybertruck aims to address safety concerns associated with unintended acceleration, reassuring customers and maintaining the company’s commitment to vehicle safety and customer satisfaction.

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