qualcomm-snapdragon-835-samsung-manufactureDetails about the upcoming Snapdragon 835 high-end SoC (main processor) from Qualcomm are starting to (officially) emerge. The new chip, designed by Qualcomm, will be manufactured by Samsung Semiconductor using Samsung’s edgy 10nm (nanometer) FinFET process technology. Read full post →Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 Gets Samsung 10nm Semiconductor Process

lg-v20-hi-fi-devices-side-by-side-bWith the rise of smartphones the MP3 player market tanked after peaking in 2009 (2 years after the iPhone’s introduction), and has entered a steady decline since. This is evident just looking at the declining historical sales trend of the iPod, which is the most successful mass-market MP3 player. During that time, a high-end collection of (very) expensive audio players had found refuge in a “high-end” niche market – until now. With the arrival of the LG V20, that market segment may experience the same decline that once happened to basic MP3 players. Read full post →Will The LG V20 Kill Hi-Res Digital Audio Players?

jamboard_3Google Just announced the Jamboard, a 4K, 55” Android-powered interactive display that is designed and optimized for collaboration. Although it looks like an electronic white board on the surface, it is so much more than that. Read full post →Google Jamboard Hands-On: Collaboration, Evolved

lg-v20-hi-fi-devices-side-by-side-bLaunched in fanfare in early September 2016, the LG V20 (read our complete LG V20 Review) has the most powerful audio hardware in the smartphone space today. Smartphones are starting to push further into high-end audio features and this is not something that most people are familiar with. There were previous “premium audio” handsets such as the HTC 10 or ZTE Axon 7 which featured improved digital to analog converters (DACs). Read full post →LG V20 Quad DAC: How Does It Work?

Ever since the advent of smartphones we’ve all had our favorite images as wallpapers. Wallpapers that say a something about our personality or show our love for some cool characters from our favorite movies/games. However, the animated wallpapers on an Android device a.k.a Live Wallpapers make the device come truly alive. There are countless live wallpapers available for your Android smartphone, but the sheer number of these wallpapers is enough to intimidate the user. So, we will save you time: below are the best live wallpapers for Android. Read full post →Best Live Wallpapers

The web was thought to displace paper, but it turns out that it wasn’t the case. However, managing documents digitally provides advantages that paper could never meet: durability, multi-location backups, search, and availability. The process of turning paper into digital documents remain the main point of friction, and we’re going to show you apps that will make this easier. Read full post →Best Scanner Apps

google-home-14Google Home, the competitive smart speaker to the Amazon Echo, unveiled at Google I/O, officially launched today. Now available for pre-order for $129 and shipping on November 4th, Google Home is powered by Google Assistant, the voice activated and AI-driven virtual assistant also built-in the new Google Pixel smartphone.

Just by talking to your Google Home, you will be able to start playing music, get answers from Google, manage everyday tasks (thanks to the Assistant) and control devices around the house.

Besides being cheaper than Echo, Google Home delivers better intelligence, a multi-room feature, and a super stylish design. And, according to the demo on stage, a great integration with multiple Google services such as Google Play and Google Chromecast. However, Amazon Alexa, the software that powers Echo has already integrated with hundreds of third party services, while Google showcased only a few, such as Spotify, Pandora, Tune In, SmartThings, IFTTT, Uber… Read full post →Google Home, AI-powered Smart Speaker Costs $129, Cheaper than Amazon Echo


During its SSD Summit in Seoul, Samsung will announce two new SSD drives named 960 Pro and 960 EVO. Both are built on the M.2 form-factor, and NVM Express (NVMe) PCIe Gen.3 x4 interface for flash memory. Read full post →Samsung 960 Pro and 960 EVO SSDs Announced

qualcomm-clear-sightQualcomm has just shed some light over its Clear Sight camera technology. Clear Sight can exploit two camera modules with identical sensors to improve imaging performance by having one capture color, and the other one capturing brightness with a slightly different setup. Let’s explore the properties and caveats of such technique. Read full post →What is Qualcomm Clear Sight?

The Samsung Galaxy Note 7 recall is now in effect, and Samsung has asked Note 7 customers who purchased their Note 7 phones until now to stop using their phones and to proceed to exchange them for a new handset which has been controlled for battery safety.

The Galaxy Note 7 (sold before Sep 15 2016 for the U.S) is the only model affected by this. Things may vary from country to country, so make sure that you double-check information relevant to your location.

Follow the complete timeline of the Galaxy Note 7 recall. Read full post →Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Recall Guide