Many Laptops tend to heat up faster than Desktops. It might be a common analogy for some while others might have experienced something different. Whatever be the case, you want to know why and avoid it because excess heat may cause slowdown or even damage your computer.

To take care of the overheating issue, you need to first spot the reason why it occurs in the first place. Only then you will be effectively able to mitigate the issue. Here are the top offenders when it come to overheating: Read full post →Why Does My Laptop Overheat?

With a ban on laptops in US-bound airplanes (read our coverage) cabins possibly expanding to Europe, there is a lot of traveler anxiety because putting laptops in checked-in luggage will probably lead to a tsunami of thefts and damages for one of the most expensive piece of electronics we own and need. What is the technical+security logic behind such a ban? Here’s an overview. [photo credit] Read full post →The Laptop Ban On Flights Explained

With smartphones, Photos Capture is undeniably the second-most important activity after communications, so the camera experience is an extremely important feature for nearly every potential customer. At Ubergizmo, we have access to pretty much every smartphone out there, and we have a lot of experience with them. To save you a little time and help you choose your next phone, here is a list of the best camera phones on the market. Optionally, you can read what’s a great mobile camera experience? if you are curious about how we look at this. Read full post →Best Phone Camera

The Android wearables make it even more convenient to keep up with the notifications, reminders, to-do lists, calls, and social media without needing to take out your smartphone from your pocket.

With great Android wearables like the Moto 360, LG G Watch, ASUS ZenWatch, and TAG Heuer’s Connected, you need some really good apps tailored for Android wearables. Here, we shall take a look at the best free Android wear apps to let you make the most out of your Android wearable device. Read full post →Free Android Wear Apps

While the LG G6 is already a gorgeous device, why not make it more attractive and keep it protected at the same time? To help the cause, you can find a variety of LG G6 cases on the market (some pretty weird, some too expensive, and some damn good!). However, in this article, we are going to cover 10 of the best LG G6 cases available today. Read full post →Best LG G6 Cases: 10 Of The Best Cases You Really Need

You might remember the days when people wondered what should they do with their GB’s of data remaining on the cellular usage quota. Now, we have a different scenario where we lose track of how much GB of data we use on a regular basis (monthly or weekly). In this article, we will talk about the top apps available for both Android and iOS to monitor the mobile data usage. Read full post →How To Track Mobile Data Usage

The trend of having dual-cameras has established itself in the smartphone world, and it adds one more question to prospect buyers: are dual-camera better or worth the potential additional cost? As usual, the answer to this question depends on how you use the camera. With a clear explanation of what dual-camera system can, or cannot do, you can assess their value to you. Read full post →Dual Cameras vs. Single Camera (Phones)

Recently, Qualcomm has published a blog post titled “Moving beyond processors to platforms” in which the company outlines changes to the Snapdragon brand with an emphasis on no longer communicating about Snapdragon as a “processor,” but as a “platform.” Since we are going to hear about this often, I wanted to have a reference page on Ubergizmo. Read full post →What is the Snapdragon Platform?

The 2017 smartphone season has started with the LG G6, but high-specs fans have taken notice that the G6 uses a Snapdragon 821 chip (July 2016) and not a Snapdragon 835, which is the latest 8xx design from Qualcomm. Although the Samsung Galaxy S8 is set to be the first Snapdragon 835 handset, we did not know for sure what was the actual performance of that new chip was – until today. Read full post →Snapdragon 835 Benchmarks Show Galaxy S8 Potential

Another Mobile World Congress Conference (MWC) is ending. The 2017 Edition was exciting, and there was ample new tech to look at during this crazy week. Here are the products we thought were the most interesting at the show, sorted in no specific order. You find them to be available in many markets in the weeks to come, in the meantime, we provide a first look for most of them. We can’t wait for the 2018 edition of MWC! Read full post →Ubergizmo’s Best of MWC 2017