Smartphones are powerful because of the apps that make them smart. With powerful hardware, new possibilities open, and there’s definitely something for everyone. Of course, the possibilities are infinite, but our goal is to give you the lay of the land and save you some time by getting you started with a solid list of apps, in fact that ones that many would consider to be the “best” ones available for iPhone across several categories. Read full post →Best iPhone Apps of All Time

best-gifts-gaming-2016The holidays are upon us which means it’s time to open up our wallets and spend some money on gifts for ourselves and our friends and family.

Some of the most interesting products are presented for games and gaming consoles while pointers are also up for grabs on products that should excite just about every geek. This 2016 holiday gift guide features some of the best products for gamers and geeks. Read full post →Holiday Gift Guide For Gamers And Geeks (2016)

lg-v20-review_19The number of interesting phones with an emphasis on durability is relatively low, and the market shows that people will often rather have a relatively fragile phone, than deal with the aesthetics of a “rugged” device. But what if you could have a business-style phone which is designed for maximum durability without looking like a plastic-encased phone? The LG V20 was created to achieve just that, and we can look at how it was achieved because more phones could use these techniques. Read full post →LG V20 Durability: How It Was Designed To Survive Drops

best-gifts-pro-2016Technology is meant to help improve our lives by making things more efficient and simpler.

This is especially true for today’s working professional where they might need all the help they can get, especially if they are on the move and need to reply emails, create presentations, and stay up to date on the latest news.

Below is a guide of some of the best gifts that you could get for the professional in your life. Read full post →Holiday Gift Guide For Professionals (2016)

It is really fascinating to know that music affects plants growth (positive effects). No wonder it helps us relax as well. Some of us even enjoy creating amazing music tunes and try entertaining the people. No matter for what you need, there are tons of music apps at the App Store for your iPhone.

Do you need a music streaming app? Want to create a tune on the go? Fret not, we have listed the best music apps for iPhone which include apps for both listeners and creators. Read full post →Best Music Apps For iPhone

best-gifts-fashion-2016Who said that fashion and tech don’t mix together? Over the years we’ve seen how tech and fashion companies have worked to create products that blur the lines between fashion and hi-tech, like Apple partnering up with fashion brands to create Apple Watch straps, or how artists like have created gadgets that are hi-tech but yet appeal to the fashion forward. With the holiday season nearly upon us, here’s a list of potential gift ideas you might want to check out if you’re shopping for gadgets that might appeal to your fashion addicted friends or family members (or even yourself). Read full post →Holiday Gift Guide for Fashion Addicts (2016)

qualcomm-snapdragon-835-samsung-manufactureDetails about the upcoming Snapdragon 835 high-end SoC (main processor) from Qualcomm are starting to (officially) emerge. The new chip, designed by Qualcomm, will be manufactured by Samsung Semiconductor using Samsung’s edgy 10nm (nanometer) FinFET process technology. Read full post →Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 Gets Samsung 10nm Semiconductor Process

lg-v20-hi-fi-devices-side-by-side-bWith the rise of smartphones the MP3 player market tanked after peaking in 2009 (2 years after the iPhone’s introduction), and has entered a steady decline since. This is evident just looking at the declining historical sales trend of the iPod, which is the most successful mass-market MP3 player. During that time, a high-end collection of (very) expensive audio players had found refuge in a “high-end” niche market – until now. With the arrival of the LG V20, that market segment may experience the same decline that once happened to basic MP3 players. Read full post →Will The LG V20 Kill Hi-Res Digital Audio Players?

jamboard_3Google Just announced the Jamboard, a 4K, 55” Android-powered interactive display that is designed and optimized for collaboration. Although it looks like an electronic white board on the surface, it is so much more than that. Read full post →Google Jamboard Hands-On: Collaboration, Evolved

lg-v20-hi-fi-devices-side-by-side-bLaunched in fanfare in early September 2016, the LG V20 (read our complete LG V20 Review) has the most powerful audio hardware in the smartphone space today. Smartphones are starting to push further into high-end audio features and this is not something that most people are familiar with. There were previous “premium audio” handsets such as the HTC 10 or ZTE Axon 7 which featured improved digital to analog converters (DACs). Read full post →LG V20 Quad DAC: How Does It Work?