Like clockwork, Qualcomm has announced its Snapdragon 845 system on chip (SoC) and high-end Snapdragon platform which will power numerous high-end smartphones and possibly always-connected laptops throughout 2018.

As always, a major architecture change brings new performance, efficiency, and features. After a very comprehensive briefing at the Snapdragon Summit 2017, here is our overview of Snapdragon 845, split into different areas of interest: Camera, Performance, Battery life, Connectivity, Immersion, AI, and Security. Read full post →Qualcomm Snapdragon 845: Features and Benchmarks

GovTech HIVE main room

In May 2017, Singapore GovTech and IMDA invited me on a press tour that aims at showcasing the best innovations driven by government agencies in Singapore.

Singapore has a long tradition of government-led initiatives when it comes to developing infrastructure or high-tech innovation, one of the most important and recent one is “Smart Nation” launched in 2014, probably inspired by the “Start-up Nation” a.k.a. Israel, a term coined by the book written in 2009 by Dan Senor and Saul Singer.

Our week-long visit to Singapore’s incubators and government-backed R&D facilities gave me a better sense of how Singapore lives up to its Smart Nation reputation.

Read full post →Singapore GovTech Hive: Government-Driven Innovation for Better Services

#IFA2017 – Another IFA came and went, and long with it hundreds of products were launched and demonstrated. It was a fantastic show, but it can be overwhelming. We picked what we think was the best product that debuted, and in no particular order, here are the Best of IFA 2017: Read full post →Ubergizmo’s Best of IFA 2017

A lot of emulator exist in the Play Store but few of them really do work. Also, some of them are available for free and rest of the will cost you money. To save you some time, we have compiled a list of what we think are the 10 best emulators on Android.

Note: The emulators developed for Android are tailored to enable a user to relive the experience for fun. So, you should not expect the latest and greatest performance through the emulators. Read full post →Best Emulators For Android

Another Computex comes to an end, and once again, there are a flurry of great announcements and products related to the PC industry and derivatives such as VR/AR and Gaming. We have run around to check as many things as we could (check our Computex 2017 coverage), but we didn’t stray too far from our normal regimen of laptops and key components such as CPUs and GPUS.

We’ve compiled this list (no particular order) of what we thought were the best products of the show, so congratulations to those companies and team who built them. The goal for next year: see and try even more products! Read full post →Ubergizmo’s Best of Computex 2017

Most think of Gaming Laptops as thick and heavy -but powerful- computers. It has been historically true that gaming-capable laptops had to sacrifice mobility and design, for performance, but this time is over thanks to the NVIDIA Max-Q design, which aims at extracting the best performance from the components, but at the most efficient point, thus leaving the notion of “absolute performance” (at any cost) behind. Read full post →NVIDIA Max-Q Design For Thin Gaming Laptops

While Music CDs/DVDs are still on sale, the demand for them have drastically decreased because of the arrival of several popular music streaming sites. With a lot of music streaming services available, it is time to choose some of the best music streaming sites and utilize them to quench your thirst for quality music. Read full post →8 Best Music Streaming Sites That Are Just Awesome

Many Laptops tend to heat up faster than Desktops. It might be a common analogy for some while others might have experienced something different. Whatever be the case, you want to know why and avoid it because excess heat may cause slowdown or even damage your computer.

To take care of the overheating issue, you need to first spot the reason why it occurs in the first place. Only then you will be effectively able to mitigate the issue. Here are the top offenders when it come to overheating: Read full post →Why Does My Laptop Overheat?

With a ban on laptops in US-bound airplanes (read our coverage) cabins possibly expanding to Europe, there is a lot of traveler anxiety because putting laptops in checked-in luggage will probably lead to a tsunami of thefts and damages for one of the most expensive piece of electronics we own and need. What is the technical+security logic behind such a ban? Here’s an overview. [photo credit] Read full post →The Laptop Ban On Flights Explained

With smartphones, Photos Capture is undeniably the second-most important activity after communications, so the camera experience is an extremely important feature for nearly every potential customer. At Ubergizmo, we have access to pretty much every smartphone out there, and we have a lot of experience with them. To save you a little time and help you choose your next phone, here is a list of the best camera phones on the market. Optionally, you can read what’s a great mobile camera experience? if you are curious about how we look at this. Read full post →Best Phone Camera